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Breakdown cover

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Wigan Warrior, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Can anyone recommend a breakdown cover provider?

  2. What state are you in? NRMA do breakdown cover for bikes as well as cars. IIRC my bike cover is about the same as for the wifes car.
  3. racv total care - covers any vehicle you are driving / riding.
  4. +1 for RACV. If you already have them for a car, upgrade to total care and you are covered for any vehicle as Tim said. apprx $180 a year.

    If you aren't with them for a car you could go a cheaper option and just nominate the bike.

    Beware though they don't work on bikes. If you run out of petrol they will give/sell (depends on cover) you some but if you breakdown they will just put it straight on a truck. Keep this in mind when picking a level of cover as the free towing distances vary with each level of cover.
  5. Im with RACV, I only have the bike so its about $80/year.
  6. .... I have NRMA classic roadside assist cover for the car and the bike. Luckily i havent had to try it out yet!!...
  7. mmmm $80.00 per year sounds ok racv ..

    do you know how fair they will tow the bike for that ???

    Off Topic Wigan Warrior I remember some years ago standing on the terraces at Central Park watching wigan and now thay even have a EPL football team
    ''Well Bugger me Lad ''
  8. I'm with NRMA.

    Bike broke down, waited over 2 hours on a Thursday night before calling and cancelling.

    Lucky it was 'close' to home
  9. Doubt latics will be in the EPL for much longer, whilst the warriors are back were they belong as super league champions! By eck, I miss central park!
  10. I've been with NRMA in the past for cars. Generally they can't fix the car on the side of the road anyway, so after having waited for 2 hours you now have to wait a further 2 hours for a tow. If it's more than a few ks they charge you an exorbitant rate.

    Similar with batteries.

    So I don't have any cover anymore, although my partner has it for the fam' car, but I refuse to pay for it.
  11. I know I wont be renewing my membership!