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Break up music - what do you listen to?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by eve, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. So what songs do you listen to during/after a break up?

    Upbeat - get you up and going music
    or sad - make you so depressed you can cry - music?

  2. m83 - saturdays = youth
    dregd - catch without arms
    (best of those albums IMHO)

    lately anyway. wait, what break up? ( <-- referring to me)

    Upbeat, Daytona 675 on the throttle stop in every gear...
  3. what song in particular?
  4. Upbeat. Definitely upbeat.

    And also favourite tunes that always make me feel better... e.g. Incognito "Don't you worry 'bout a thing" comes to mind.
  5. Surprisingly, most of the album in each case. Have a listern. I downloaded and liked, and went to buy the CD's but have to get them imported which I've been meaning to do.

    If I had to single out two tracks from each;


    Sang Real
    Ode To The Sun
    Zebra Skin
    (ok I know that's three but seriously a great album and unique band however I don't think much of there other albums)


    We Own The Sky
    Skin Of The Night

    (ok that's three again).

    Go listen...
  6. I don't need music.
    I just sit at her window and listen to her crying. Makes me happy for a job well done :p
  7. I have some horrifically sad and depressing music for cases of the melancholies.

    Some heavy metal is good to work out to.

    The best music to listen to after a breakup is whatever's playing at the pub because you're out with your friends.
  8. Depends on the mood.

    Bulletproof - La Roux (make you feel better kinda song)
    Sorry - Buckcherry (cause I did a bit of damage in the process...)
    Sweet Dreams - Marilyn Manson (reminds me of our f*cked up sex life...mmmm :D )
    a little less than 16 candles - Fallout Boy (the story of our lives "you're just the girl all the boys wanna dance with and i'm just the boy using too many chances... she said, she said, why don't you just drop dead!")

    and my two favourites,

    Sweet Child of Mine - Guns N' Roses ( :) it's like 5 minutes long and once it kicked off and we pashed for the entire song *sigh* was awesome!)

    Aicha - Outlandish (I sang it to her when we first started out and that night we said's the L word :D)

    Ahhh, man that was nice to reminisce!

    Cheers eve :)
  9. "So This Is the Night" - The Slackers.
  10. LMFAO GOLD!!!

    No one ever breaks up with me bc i rock!
    Ok thats a lie, one guy did once....But he regretted it later *i rubbed that fact in a little for good measure too *...
    Anyway the only music i listened to was the Hard rock tunes being thumped out at the local Hard Rock club i was at 4 nights a week whilst enjoying my new found freedom lol
  11. I say, if your thinking what music you should listen to now your broken up, your thinking about it way to much.

    This is coming from someone who has recently come out of a 6.5year relationship :p
    But everyone takes it differently!
  12. I don't think I have actually been dumped. Though I haven't had that many girlfriends either.
    Didn't feel sad after the dumping, though i did hear p0rn music after the last break up....
  13. Theme from Bonanza.
  14. Kaiser Chiefs - Everyday I love you less and less

    Seriously though, nothing slow, sad, about love, or in a minor key.
    Upbeat, motivational stuff only. Avoid music that takes you back to your time together (although once you're a bit stronger this can help the closure process). Play music that makes you confident and optimistic.

    But, women handle it different to men - apparently we think differently? Who'd have guessed :) ? I had a recently ex girlfriend screaming and sobbing down the phone at 2am a couple of years back, she probably needed some soothing whale songs or something....
  15. Jailbreak.
  16. The Angels - "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?"
    "No Way Get...."

    You know the rest...
  17. "Howzat" - Sherbet.

    "Evil Woman" - ELO.

    "I Ran" - A Flock Of Seagulls.

    "Hallelujah" - Lots of artists.

    "Times Like These" - Foo Fighters.

    "Turning Japanese".

    "One Night In Bangkok"...
  18. Guns 'N Roses - Used to love her

  19. I find The Smiths, one of the greatest bands ever, are good for most feelings, but especially when you want a nice depression hit! The Cure too, very good, but not as good as the aforementioned.

    Billy Bragg's Worker's Playtime is great too.

    "And if a double-decker bus
    Crashes into us
    To die by your side
    Is such a heavenly way to die
    And if a ten ton truck
    Kills the both of us
    To die by your side
    Well the pleasure, the privilege is mine"
  20. If you need to cry it out and get through it, Peter Gabriel's 'Us' album, which was written during and after his own divorce, will get the job done... and it has a danceable song to get you and going again too.