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Break Levers Ninja 650RL

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by aussieak, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Brake levers Ninja 650RL

    OK so I had my 1st service on the bike today andwas hoping to get the levers on the break adjusted inward a bit as I have thisfeeling that it is still too far out for my confidence. Currently I can get allfour finger tips over the handle up to the bending point of the fingers (hopethat makes sense) at full application.

    Now I remember when we got thought setup and squeeze for E breaking that you want to get your fingersaround the handle to about 2nd bending point for an E break as youapply the brakes like rolling your hand in to the lever ( man I am sure I amnot making sense now).
    Now I have looked at my hand position with zero throttleand have got the knuckles upright if not slightly forward towards the front togive me as much room as possible to reach.

    The mechanics said that the handle has no adjustment in itto move it in a bit and ofcourse I have tried the adjusted on all settings.

    Will I get the same problem if I put aftermarket levers onas this was the only suggestion they could think of at the time?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. You must have some strong hands to break your brake levers.
  3. You beat me to it :(
  4. I don't tnhk he broke it, I think he wants to adjust it...

    Glory be to the FSM. May he guide you with his noodly appendage and keep you safe from volvo drivers. Ramen.
  5. I put pazzo's on my 650 for this reason, it was a little better and look a whole lot better.
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  6. aftermarket adjustable levers.

    there usually are ways you can 'adjust' stock levers though (with an angle grinder)

    i don't like your mechanic
  7. Thanks I will have a look. Yours was the blue ninja I saw on the Sunday group ride?

    It is a new bike so I guess they did not like that option. and since they were recommended here I wont bag them yet.
  8. That's the one, Pazzos are expensive but you can get cheaper ones on Ebay that do the job.
  9. screw running dodgy chinese brake levers, i dont think i'd enjoy having a lever fail when i'm doing an emergency stop...
  10. You could be right, there's a discussion here Ebay levers
  11. Yeah... Pass...

    Buy some decent quality levers.
  12. oh I will 2nd El cheapo
  13. Next time we meet can I get a good look at them pls. I would rather test b4 spending the cash