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Bread crumbs :(

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by NWRAP, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. this is what happens when people spend more time eating toast instead of driving their cars on the freeway..

    I was minding my own business when some numbnuts was paying more attention to his toast instead of his driving and merged straight in front of me causing me to go down on the left hand side at roughly 80kmhs.

    I'm not sure if he clipped the front wheel or not or if bike lost front end in wet conditions (im going towards being clipped as I have braked harder in the wet before).

    As soon as i hit the deck the bike and I both hit the rear bumper of the car as my leg was caught under the bike and we both slid about 100m





    I have witness details that verifies I was not at fault and have provided all information to my insurance company and am awaiting the outcome.

    End result is busted middle finger and chipped bone in my thumb on my right hand and also some soft tissue/muscle damage to my left shoulder.

    Bike will more then likely be a write off.
  2. Glad you're mostly ok.....did the other driver stop? Let me guess..."SMIDSY"?
  3. Wow - sorry about the bike, and glad your injuries aren't too serious!

    What were you wearing? It sounds like your gear did a great job!
  4. bummer, sorry to hear.
    hope insurance claim goes smoothly and quick for you.
  5. sucks dude, bet it all happened in a blink of an eye.
  6. Not exactly he said is was between the 2 lanes of traffic even though I was in the middle of the left lane

    Yes im an advocate for ATGATT

    I was wearing full 2 piece leathers and my gear did a spectacular job, has come out with some road rash in spots but has not worn though at all.
    Boots and gloves have road rash but all gear is still in working order

    Bike can and will be replaced and yes I was lucky to only have minor injuries :)

    Thank you...so do I although the other party denies fault even though he was standing next to me when a witness said it was his fault.....Go figure

    I believe it was in all over in about half the blink of an eye.

    It was so damn fast that its now 3 days later and im still trying to work it all out
  7. That sucks. Heal up, get him to pay up. Should be easy if you have witness statements hopefully.
  8. Here's to both your healing and claim process both being trouble free and to the arse wipe cager copping a reaming.
  9. I hope you called the cops on the ****wit, that's negligent driving, and they MUST attend as you were injured and the bike was unrideable.

    Don't get a replacement, get a payout, and avoid having a bike that snaps it's bars when you hit the deck, i.e. NOT a hyosung.
  10. I called 000 and reported it but was told by the 000 operator as no one was trapped, chemicals were leaking & it was not causing traffic issues I was advised the police would not attend and that if I wanted to i could make a report at my local station.
  11. That sounds like horseshit... as far as I always thought, if someone is injured police are obliged to attend. is that not correct?

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  12. "And I'm pretty sure he is drunk, and I think I saw a gun in his back seat." Problem solved.
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  13. Was there an ambulance called? police have to attend if an ambulance turns up.
  14. certain of that? HWP officer thought differently. If the bike or the person requires a tow, cops just have to be told and a report made, she didn't seem to think they need to attend. But a report would be made and a charge then has to be laid (in NSW)

    After hitting the deck at motorway speeds and sliding for 100 metres, I would be surprised if any bike had its bars left, particularly if it uses clip-ons. You seen how easy they snap of in motorgp/wsbk when a bike goes down?
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    I believe its the case as an ambulance was not called

    No ambulance called as above reply, not sure why I or nobody else elected to call one. When I spoke to the 000 operator I informed them of no serious injuries so they decided one was not needed.

    I guess I go with what the insurance says.. I'm not sure how all this works as this is my first crash. HOW does all this insurance stuff work when another party is at fault (although they deny this)??
  16. Make sure you report it to the police. If you need to claim on TAC you need to have a police report. In a case like this with the other party claiming no fault it cant hurt either.
  17. If it's within the replacement period (check your PDS, it's usually ~2 years from first registration) your co should give you the choice of a payout or a new bike. If it's outside the period they'll just give you a fat cheque in the mail. If it's close to upgrade time I'd def take the payout

    Sucks about the whole thing, try and drill the **** for neg driving.
  18. You have gotten off lightly all things considered..good to see that your gear saved your skin..the crunched up hand is going to cramp your style for some time though. Good luck with the claim process.
  19. Police report will be done tomorrow

    I believe it was first registered in Nov 07 ( I brought it from my brother).

    I have 3 weeks until upgrade time :( but considering all the stuff about and if its written off I can go for a bigger bike...depending on the payout option and $$ given

    Thanks mate :) and yes my gear saved more injuries of that I'm sure