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Bread and water... Or Bread water... Or, well... Beer.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jirf88, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. As I sit here listening to Augie March and enjoying a cold Little Creatures, I can't help but wonder...

    What is your favourite beer at this time?

    Myself, I do like a good beer. Of late I've been quite fond of pale lagers and ales... My fridge is currently stocked with Little Creatures Pale ale and some Sam Adams.

    Whats in your fridge?
  2. about 210ml of day old lite white milk.
  3. hmm i have a 6 pack of coronas, 2 asahi super dry stubbies, 1 very large can of sapporo and a bottle of oyster bay sav blank :beer:
  4. Just went out to grab some Diet Coke to mix with the Evan Williams.
  5. That's very exact. ARE YOU SURE?
  6. James Squire Golden Ale, but Little Creatures isn't too bad!
  7. True story.

    James Squire is yet another exemplementary Australian brew.
  8. Since I home brew I can have a range of beers available but.....

    I usually leave the Lager's for summer and have Ales for winter - black ales, stouts or porters. Thick and malty.

    If I purchase (some friends find home brew a bit too heavy for them) - Tooheys Old Black, Coopers Real Ale or Guiness.

    One year I brewed a black ale we nicknamed "Black Dynamite" - after 1 bottle it felt like you were growing horns out of the base of your skull......
  9. Look at all them wanker beers. Carlton Draught, every time.

    Unless of course there is Kronenbourg, or a nice Grolsch on offer ;)
    Failing that, there is Boddingtons, Girardin Gueuze and Deep Shaft Stout from other parts of the globe that I have enjoyed.
  10. I've recently become a big fan of Corona Extra. Might have one now, in fact.
  11. Good work. Cheers, big ears!
  12. Bugger. Run out. I do have some Boag's Premium though, which is a pretty good substitute.

  13. I'd have the Boags over the corona, TBH. Coronas are really good for thirst quenching, IMO.
  14. A bit low on fundage so all I have left is a nearly depleted bottle of Jim Beam Rye Whiskey, 3 cans of Jim Beam white and some Ouzo.
  15. Actually James Squire Golden ale is my current fave.

    At Origin time, it's Tooheys New.
  16. Awesome for beer battered fish mmm

    I generally only put in the fridge when i want it. But I have on hand Tooheys Platinum black, Corona's, and normally either Asahi, or stella. This is aside from the filing cabinent full of wine I have on hand to drink/cook with pretty much all of it local. I also currently have a bottle of mongoose vodka and a absolut vodka in the freezer, and several others in the cupboard with my convienient liquor collection.

    (I'm like noah, i have at least 2 of everything)

    sorry not enough room for a party here :p
  17. Have you enjoyed a Duvel? By far, this was one of the most complex brews I have sampled.

    The plug: Carried at your local BWS :D
  18. Absolutely. They rule in summer.
  19. for summer I like a kiwi beer.

    Montieths Summer Ale. Used to be seasonal, but i think its all year now. The cellars on Errol street have it as do some woolies ones. Awesome beer. Bloody awesome.
  20. I have heard good things of Kiwi beers... Emersons in particular is supposed to be well worth it.