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Breach of Strata Bi-Laws :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Seamus, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. I guess it is time to have my pipes muffled. I have to admit that at six o'clock in the morning my bike is pretty f**king loud.

    "Dear Sir/Madam,

    RE: Breach of Strata Bi-Laws -- Strata Plan 4197

    We have received complaints of noise from a motor bike being started up as early as 6 am. The rider then warms up the bike with the noise echoing throughout the complex causing considerable problems for other occupants.

    Will you please wheel your bike to the street and start it up out there away from the other residents.

    For your assistance and information we enclose a copy of the Strata By-Laws of which you are in breach as indicated. Please note that there may be a fine imposed for continued breach.

    We look forward to your cooperation in solving this problem.

    Thanking you,

    Chris Stokes
    Mason & Brophy Strata Management."

    Strata By-Laws:
    1. Noise -- You must not make noise at any time within your lot or on common property that is likely to disturb the peaceful enjoyment of another resident or anyone using common property.
    2. Vehicles -- You must not park or stand your vehicle on common property without the written permission of the owners corporation. That permission can be cancelled. Permission does not give you a permanent right over that part of common property.

    I'll see how quiet I can get the pipes. I kinda reckon loud pipes do let motorists know you are there though - "Loud Pipes Save Lives".

    Hehe, maybe I should send the cry-babies a bill for whatever work needs to be done to my pipes to get them even quieter than the legal requirement.

    I'm not going to start pushing a 300+ kilogram bike up to the street, which is fifty metres away at six or six-thirty five times a week. How far up the street should I push the and what about people in other units close to the street?

    I dunno. I can understand their whining but it still sh*ts me.
  2. I know you can get tuneable exhausts for sports bikes, I presume that cruisers have the same kind of thing out there... Like removeable baffles etc. I'll keep an eye out anyway.
  3. Start it in the complex then ride it gently up to the street and let it warm up there. The short ride wont hurt your motor. And make sure you point the exhaust exit away from the units.

    Id also get in touch with the strata management and let them know your going to try and keep it down, and if its still annoying people to give you a call or something. Else the next letter you get maybe "we told you once, now NO UNIT FOR YOU!!".
  4. Do your pipes comply with the state requirements for noise emission?
  5. Seamus,
    How long do you have to warm up you bike?

    I use full choke to start mine, move to half choke as soon as it caches, ride away immediately and turn the choke off at the end of the street, about 50 metres away.

    I assume your bike has fuel injection, you it should be able to ride it away as soon as it starts.

    With modern engines, there is no real need to 'warm it up' before riding away; you just need to take it easy for the first minute.
  6. One reason why I can't stand strata titles and body corporates.
  7. I had a neighbour who used to do the same thing with her car - woke me up every morning on her way out and bugged me like crazy. I think her car died coz she has a new one now :p
  8. When I bought the Duke, I was living in an Art Deco block of flats (read brick and glass) and had a lot of complaints. At the time, I was working shifts. That meant Monday mornings I was leaving the building at 230am and otherdays, either leaving very early or coming home very late. I ended up having to push my bike about 300m up the road before starting and then taking off straight away.

    I don't think the pipes are too loud :wink: , but the other residents had a problem......

    Seeing as I was living in that environment, I decided to be as considerate as possible. Interestingly enough, now that I'm back at home in the 'burbs I have not had any problems with the neighbours at all. They don't notice the noise when I'm coming and going :shock: :?

    :D :D :D
  9. I guess i understand where they are coming from as my neighbour has a gsx with pipes and used to do shift work, but some people need to just worry about what goes on in there own backyard before worrying about others. What are you supposed to do. You are only going to work and it is your means of transport. Take the pipes off and give em something to really whinge about :LOL: :LOL:
  10. That's a good point Vic, I don't know if they are within their rights to complain if the pipes are legit...

    I also agree that warming up the bike can probably be done by riding gently for the first kilometer, I doubt your engine will be worse off for not idling for while.

  11. I read somewhere that you can actually cause increased engine wear by letting the bike warm up at idle. Because the oil pump is directly related to RPM, at idle it's really not doing anything at all. Therefore the "top" end of the enging can actually be running dry for quite a few hundred revolutions. :shock:
    The best way to warm up the bike is to ride it. Start the bike and ride it straight away. Let the revs rise and fall GENTLY.
    My bike redlines at 13500 RPM. When it's cold I don't rev it passed 4000 RPM for the first min. 6000 RPM after about 3 mins. This way your oil pump is actually pumping oil around the whole engine and lubricating it.

    :idea: Better cold oil than no oil :wink:
  12. 30 seconds of gentle riding is all that they need these days. I can't speak for older bikes though, I never owned an old bike. I'm still young :p

  13. What bike do you ride now thats right i saw a picture of you on a scooter. :D :D :D :D :D
  14. I don't ride atm.
    One day I will kill Groberts for the distribution of that scooter pic.

  15. Are you selling tickets i would like front row.
  16. From what I understand, if the pipes are legal then they cannot go you for disturbance via the local council as there is a law in place that you are allowed to leave and enter your place of residence at time of the day. Local laws (council) say that you cannot or should not hear your neighbour inside your house/unit if they are playing music/parties/talking etc. As I said this does NOT apply to starting vehicles up and warming them up to leave your place of residence. I had a JERK dob me in to the local council about my bike and thats basically what they told me when they told the FI_ICKWIT to mind HIS OWN BUSINESS :D

    Cheers 8)
  17. i start and idle my 2-stroke for a minimum of one minute as it recommends in the manual, and i push it down the street if it's the middle of the night when i'm off for a ride.

    even if the pipes are legal it is rough putting your neighbours through 1300cc's of grunt warming up at 6am, i'd be pissed off as well :twisted: as for the 'mind their own business' theory, if your neighbour cranked their radio at 6am every other day you would probably say it was affecting you and had become your business

    the difference is my ride weighs under 100kg, your's probably a tad over that :wink:
  18. As I said, if they make noises that YOU can hear inside your residence, its not permitted. If its your vehicle then there is NO PROBLEM PERIOD.

    You OBVIOUSLY did NOT read my post fully :wink:

    If you can here some poxy radio at 6.00am then you simply inform the local council and they will issue him/her a warning which happens to be a final warning. The next one issued is like $1000 fine or something similiar. Pretty simple really.

    I have NO PROBLEM with people rolling there bike down the road to the next block to start the bike, but WHAT about the people living where you start the bike mmmmmmmmmmm. What don't they count. You can't please all the people all the time. I think it is very considerate of people to do such things but then you will effect the people where you start the bike in this new area. You are damned if you do and you are damned if you don't. As far as I am concerned I am a heavy sleeper and would not hear a jet starting up in the morning, so it would not bother me. My rates are the same as theres so why should I be compremised when I come and go from my residence.

    Cheers 8)