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Breach of Contract - Where's the Tattoo

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by HB, May 23, 2012.

  1. Agreement
    The first requirement for a valid contract is an agreement, which normally consists of an 'offer' and an 'acceptance' (although the parties may not articulate their arrangement in these terms) and involves a 'meeting of the minds' - or consensus - between two or more parties.

    No particular form is required to constitute an offer. An offer is a communication amounting to a promise to do something (or not do something) if the person to whom the offer is directed does something (or refrains from doing something) - or makes a promise - in return.

    An offer may be made to an individual, group, or even to the world at large.

    Acceptance is an unequivocal statement (oral, written or by conduct) by the offeree agreeing to the offer.

    I think the time has come...................don't wimp out

  2. I will happily donate to this worthy cause.
    Well remembered HB...
  3. I'm in!
  4. Oh and I want it filmed and posted too!
  5. Fuck that - I'll come down to see this.
    I want to smell the pain...
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  6. Hahahaha....bring it bitches
  7. I'm on eBay right now getting a tattoo gun, bags first blood! :)
  8. Wow, this is one unusual contract dispute!
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  9. And I reckon the liability could be traced back to you :LOL:

    (No, I'm not prepared to test that :bolt:)
  10. Class action anyone?
  11. Tough on the keyboard, but what is the reality?

  12. The uniqueness of a claim does not invalidate it.
  13. A SMIDSY tattoo on your fist would be pretty cool!!!
  14. Indeed!!!
  15. Class?

    Chef - tattoo.

    I rest my case.
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  16. ...oh burn!!!
  17. You've been owned by Grey!

    Ha ****in Ha!
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  18. Why are people so unkind?

  19. Oh it'll burn all right...
    Will this be sir's first taste of the needle?
  20. No sir.