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Brazilian student tasered to death by NSW Police

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Unconnected, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/distressing-video-of-tasered-student-released-20121009-27afq.html

    After he is already handcuffed and paralysed they decide to tase him again resulting in his death.

    I wonder if the officers involved will be disciplined. I doubt it, quite an over use of force in my opinion, the guy is pretty much naked, clearly does not have a weapon and is in handcuffs. All for stealing a packet of biscuits.

    NSW Finest at it again. :applause:
  2. Moral to the story is clear.

    Don't run around in public naked, don't steal biscuits, and don't keep squirming when the cops tell you they'll taser you again if you keep squirming. Yet another case of trying to blame somebody else for the stupid actions of an individual. I daresay whatever drugs were in his system had a lot more to do with his death than the taser.
  3. Dumbass drugy
    Stupid as
  4. Yer what jd said and some
  5. As long as we have people like phil01 and jd who will defend these sorts of actions they will continue to happen.

    This is a needless death caused by the unnecessary use of a less-than-lethal taser. If these circumstances allow for a taser to be delpoyed then the rules for taser use need to be changed.

    As unfortunate as his death was, if it had happened to a homeless guy it would never have reached this point. In that regard, it is good that his family is pursuing this and I hope something good comes of all this.
  6. No, as long as we have people who get so off their face they have no idea what they're doing then incidents like these will continue to happen.

    This guy might have only run naked and stole biscuits - but a different person under the influence of the same substances might have done something a whole lot worse. Unfortunately cops can't tell the difference, but as long as they're not randomly tasering people on the street I don't see a problem.

    Edit: If I was that off my face in Brazil, I'd consider myself lucky to only be tasered by Police.
  7. Paralysed? Tasers produce what is known as a Neuro muscular incapacitation. As soon as the cycle of the taser finishes, which is five seconds, the NMI stops as well, so basically the incapacitation is over immediately after the cycle is over. So he was not paralysed. Just because someone is handcuffed does not mean they cannot continue to struggle violently and even attempt to escape.

    In your opinion? That's fine, you're entitled to one just as much as the next person. But please, qualify how you believe they used too much force. A taser should not result in death in an otherwise fit and healthy young man (funnily enough, such as the one in this instance). An autopsy failed to find a definitive cause of death. Not as a result of being tasered, as you implied. Do you think the adverse reaction to LSD he had may have contributed to it?

    As for being naked, he isn't wearing a shirt or shoes. I fail to see how not wearing a shirt makes him any less of a threat?

    This bit is quite annoying Unconnected. Sure, on face value it appears the police attempting to taser someone 14 times is overkill. How many were effective though?

    In the coroners hearing, Curti was described as showing, "super human strength" in the struggle with police, a common side effect of drug use. One female witness to the struggle even stated, "He writhed and twisted and managed to break free."

    You stating "NSW Finest at it again". Please, regale us all on how you would have handled the situation.
  8. The dude had handcuffs on. It just aint that hard to restrain someone even when they are tweaking. Sure, it's a challenge, but psych nurses all over the nation do it daily without recourse to weapons other than chemical restraints.

    Last I heard the cops were there to serve and protect ... not kill if it got difficult.

    I call 'Fail' on the part of the cops.
  9. Yeah but go back a few decades and you'd still have drug affected people and the police would have to deal with them without tasers. What changed?

    Isn't the taser supposed to be a last resort thing, the only other choice left before drawing a gun and pulling the trigger? How was that necessary here?

    It's completely irrelevant what some people might do. The person in this case seems to be afraid and running.

    Yeah, well, you're not in Brazil.
  10. Would have been quicker to shoot
    The dumb ass
  11. No that is incorrect and a common misconception amongst the general public. Not having a go at you, it just is.

    The taser has more stringent justification for use than other weapons, but it is not a 'last resort before firearm'. It has situations where it is appropriate and situations where it is not.

    It did appear that he was frightened and running. In my mind tasering a young fit man to stop him and prevent him from hurting himself further would be a completely acceptable course of action. The police on the scene would have no idea it would be followed shortly afterwards by his death.
  12. The drugs.

    Not to Police, who have the responsibility to protect the rest of the public from exactly this sort of thing.

    And neither was he. Which is why a taser is hardly anything to get upset about compared with what would have happened if he'd tried the same shit back home.
  13. At the end of the day they had their man on the ground and cuffed with what looked like at least 4-6 police officers surrounding the guy. No matter what he would have done, the sheer outnumbering of him to police would have contained the situation, even if he had pulled out a gun and shot someone.

    [MENTION=35209]spruce[/MENTION], if the tasers only last for 5 seconds than what purpose does tasering him again after he is already handcuffed for? if it knocked him out for enough time to load him into a paddy wagon, that would be a different story, but what good will another taser blast do to someone already in handcuffs?

    correct me if im wrong but the purpose of a dart firing taser is to stop someone from escaping and drop them to the ground so they can be handcuffed, not to further restrain them while they are already on the ground and cuffed. the standard methods of standing on the guy and putting your knee in his back would probably have restrained him a lot more than a quick 5 second muscle spasm, if not for it killing the guy, would he not have simply started to struggle once more? clearly this is not the appropriate time to use a taser.

    To me, the second tasering looks more like the cops having the last swing in the chase rather than any need to restrain him further. Pretty normal for them to get caught up in the chase of a suspect and end up beating the living shit out of him just so they can live out their judge jury and in this case executioner fantasy's.
  14. Ok, fair enough.

    I personally still think 11 police officers should be able to restrain an unarmed person without tasering him at all, let alone 14 times.

    But what sort of policy do they have on the number of times they can taser someone?

    Ok, that may be a relevant point.

    This reply also relates to the issue of drugs. If there was any footage of him doing anything threatening or aggressive to other people we would see it. Are there even statements about him doing anything other than running away?

    You are right in a way that it is relevant to Police, but surely you have to also take into account what you are actually seeing right in front of you and separate that from what other people in general might do.

    I don't know what would have happened to him if he had been in Brazil. He was in Australia and he died. Maybe he would have lived if he had been in Brazil and just woken up in a cell with a black eye and some bruises? Do you know what would have happened?
  15. Most likely would have bled out as a result of multiple wounds from automatic weapons fire. Brazilian police really don't f*&k around.

    As for your other questions, I have no idea. I'm not a member of the NSW Police, nor do I condone all of their actions. Just saying that the possibility that tasers might cause cardiac arrest in someone doped to the eyeballs on illicit drugs should not be a reason for them not to be used. They're still a far better alternative to putting holes in people.
  16. Typical case of vengence.
  17. I cant comment on the psych ward nurses and the non recreational drug rages and fits they deal with.

    But having personally dealt with both a close family friend who's 14 year son 'flipped out' putting both his own father and mother in hospital, the 8 rather large police officers that had to chase him 5km down the middle of the road trying to protect both him and the passing cars he was trying to punch out before they managed to pin him down psychically till the ambos arrived and sedated him, he still has no recollection of that afternoon.

    Or the 'tripper' that took on 6 bouncers sustained injury's that would have poleaxed a normal person but kept coming back for more, we finally pinned him down ..... read sat on him ( all 6 off us ) and waited till the police arrived, they cuffed him asked us to get off him, he jumped up and tried to go again with his cuffs on !!
    We got told next shift that he was high on a mixture of coke/speed/smack and meth , enough to knock out a horse they said.

    Stuff the druggy's , they deserve all they get, I've seen more than my fair share of them and they wont get any sympathy from me.

    I now know what I put MY parents through when I was younger, and was lucky enough to apologize to them while they where both still alive =D>
  18. Yer wat bob said
  19. he was on a third of a tab of acid, hardly a heroin addict with no future, he was a uni student, he probably had a decent outlook.
  20. You have to remember we live in a world where drugs can get you gaol time, but causing a global financial crisis gets you a bailout.