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Bravus *finally* bought a(nother) bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Oct 1, 2016.

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    So, I got a Ninja.


    First step really has to be to thank and acknowledge Netrider. The title of the thread is a nod to the thread where I introduced my new Bandit, 8 1/2 years ago, and there have been lots and lots (and lots) of 'Hmm, what if I bought a...?' threads started by me in the intervening years.

    I've also received lots of great advice and learned lots about riding from this place.

    As I said in a post in General ('Hypocrisy'), I paid $13,300 for a 2016 model dark grey Ninja 1000 with 4 km on the odo. I did feel a tiny bit 'bait-and-switched', because I put down a deposit over the phone on a green one and then was told that had sold and I could have a grey one. If I cared about the colour I would have fought back, but I honestly didn't, and had kind of 'settled' on the green despite not loving it - the stripes seem too retro to me. I'm cool with the grey... even though in many photos and from many angles it looks black, and my last bike was black.

    I will very likely put some matt black Vance and Hines Urban Brawler cans on it soon: the fishtail exhausts stand out even more on this colour scheme, and they also sound pretty thin. Those are only a few hundred bucks from the US and apparently easy to fit.

    I'll also be getting a rad guard, because my ride from the Sunshine Coast where I bought the bike back to the Gold Coast was interrupted by what turned out to be a stone hole in the radiator. The guy at Triumph Springwood went above and beyond to pull it out, get it to a radiator repairer and get it back in... and get all the sprayed coolant washed off the bike... on the Friday arvo before a long weekend.

    Picked it up this morning and rode home from Brisbane via Beaudesert and Mt Tamborine. Still running in a bit, but just loved every minute of it... even riding through the twisties behind a badly-piloted Pajero rather than setting my own pace.

    (The really good bit is that the school holidays finish after this weekend but I have 2 weeks holidays, so those roads should be a lot more 'mine' for the next little while.)

    I'm not being super rigid with the running in, but trying to keep changing up the revs and not lugging or screaming it. It's done 290-odd km already, and will probably hit 500 km over this long weekend, so the running-in period will be worked through pretty quickly.

    I'll post some more pics, and also review it a bit more, in this thread over the next little while, but a couple of things I do notice:

    1. It's taller at the seat than the Bandit: I'm on balls of the feet on both sides, or sometimes flat foot one side and ball the other. That's fine for me at this stage: I have enough sense of balance at this stage... and someone who doesn't probably has no business riding one of these.

    2. I have to be a lot more precise in all my inputs: the Bandit has more 'inertia' and is more tolerant of imprecision, but things like throttle settings *matter* on the Ninja, and timing of throttle and clutch and so on is more precise. It's a good thing, not a bad thing, but I need some better habits.

    Pretty much everyone who owns one says 'replace the stock 50 profile rear tire with a 55 for better handling'. I'm not wealthy enough that I'm taking off the brand new stockers and replacing them, though: i get to look forward to some new handling when the stockers wear out.

    Very happy with my choice... and now I need to go ride again!
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  2. Just out of curiosity, does the 55 rear tyre improve handling because it lifts the back of the bike up and steepens the rake angle at the front end? Because if this is so, you can bung a shim on top of the clevis that attaches the top of the rear shock to the underside of bike and have the same effect, for a grand total of about $1...

    Also, congratulations mate. I reckon the bait and switch was a winner, that Gray is way better than awful Ninja green :-S obviously new front indicators and a tail tidy are at the top of the list after the V+H's arrive right?

    I've got total new bike jealousy. I want to go shopping haha
  3. Go the M4 slip ons IMO. Look good, sound good, relatively cheap and it won't look like every other Ninja/Z1000.
    For the radguard go Evotech, quality and looks great.
  4. Hey mate well done!
  5. Friggin nice one mate. If u want to save some bucks u can buy mesh for $35 from super cheap and make your own radiator guard. I did it on my gsxr . Just used a few cable ties to secure it.
  6. Congrats on the new bike. I like the grey!
  7. Congrats old son. I look forward to many pictures, many ride reports and your usual sharing of your many experiences!!
  8. That's a nice looking ride (y)
  9. Not bad, not bad at all!
  10. Great looking bike BravusBravus :)
  11. Very nice :)
  12. Here's the radiator repair, which is in the top right corner.

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  13. Just a few more pics... sunny morning pr0n shoot.

    front. thousand. frontright. rightbling.
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  14. ...and a little reflectopr0n in the dash...

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  15. Nice bike..and I reckon you dodged a bullet with the colour. ;)
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  16. Should have hunted around for a second hand one, probably dropped a couple of grand as soon as you wheeled it out of the shop, depreciation, etc,..............(sorry:sorry::sorry::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:)
    Great to have a new rocket, win on the colour too... Congrats
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  17. I deserved that. ;)
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  18. I nearly wrote "I don't care that much about the colour - I'm not a woman", but that would be sexist, and I'm a SNAG.
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  19. I believe it's partly that (which could presumably also be achieved by dropping the forks a little in the triple clamp), partly that it makes the speedo more accurate and partly that it is a small change in gear ratio without messing with sprockets.

    Better rubber is always gonna be better anyway, but the stockers are not scary-bad.

    One thing I do notice is that I keep searching for 7th gear at freeway speeds, just because 110 km/h is about 4500 rpm on the Ninja and about 3700 on the Bandit. I think running in is exacerbating that feeling because I'm seldom revving much above the 4500 in order to relax back to it. Once I'm spending more time at 7-9000 rpm, that will feel more like cruising revs! It's not enough of an issue, for me, to start thinking about changing sprockets: maybe if I was doing more full-on touring.
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    Just got it back from its 1000 km first service, so here's a bit more of a report.

    I'm running it in approximately by the book: keeping mostly below 4000 rpm for the first 800 km, and mostly below 6000 for the second 800.

    Since I did a quick run up to Mt Tamborine one way and down another the moment I picked it up from Nerang after the service, it's closing in on 1100 km total, so only about another 500 to go... and I'll report back after that. That'll probably be later this week, given I'm still on holidays and the weather is magic.

    At this stage I still tend to compare it to the Bandit I just spent 60,000 km or so on, and am still less used to how it rides. It feels great accelerating, braking and cornering, but not yet intuitive and invisible to me, the way the old bike was.

    I can already tell, though, that it's a fantastic bike, and one I will keep on enjoying more and more. It's much more like a sportsbike (except seating position) than the Bandit, loving to rev and having a relatively close-ratio gear box. Changes feel clean and solid, including clutchless. There's plenty of engine braking and plenty of torque, so in lots of situations I don't actually use the brakes that much, just roll on and roll off.

    It'll be interesting to see whether my spotless license remains so, given that winding on even a little from first to second to third puts me at 100 in a 60 (allegedly).

    Great way to get started, too: having a couple of weeks off to put a lot of distance on it quickly.

    Not sure whether I mentioned above that the Ninja actually has *more* power and torque than the ZX10R all the way across the rev range, except above about 10,500 rpm. For all practical road purposes, it just works better, IMO. (Plus a more-comfortable riding position for an old fart with old muscles and bones who has to commute on it regularly.) It's basically a litre sportsbike that's easy to live with.

    I would definitely highly recommend this bike to others who have similar needs and interests...
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