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Bravus *finally* bought a %&^$ bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Hi All

    OK, it's not in the garage yet, but all the conditions have been met and I'm picking it up tomorrow arvo. It's a 1999 Bandit 1200S, with 45,000 km on the clock and in immaculate condition. It's got an aftermarket pipe and K&N air filter and a gear sack/rack, and it's totally sweet.

    There'll be much better photos later, once I bring it home, but here's one from the ad to give you an idea:


    I'll do a review on it once I've done a thousand ks or so.

    Thanks again to all those who were unendingly patient with me as I asked questions about heaps of both specific bikes and classes of bikes, and joined in lots of discussions.

    I'm very happy with this as representing the best value-for-money and fit for my particular set of circumstances and riding style.

    *whisper*the For Sale section isn't open but smart players will have figured out this means my GSXF400 will be for sale - PM me if you might be interested*whisper*

  2. Speak up I can't hear you :p

    Congrats, enjoy, barely run in and plenty of get up and go :cool:
  3. yeah nice one mate.and if you go on holidays you can tow a caravan behind it :p
  4. congrats on your new toy :)
  5. Congrats Bravus, but you should have bought mine :cry:
    Fantastic mile munchin machines, especially if you like touring. :dance: like them so much, bought anudda vun. If I could have actually found one same year-99-I would have bought that over the 06 model I got as its replacement.
    Put 60k on mine, ridden the bahstad eveywhere and NEVER missed a beat and NEVER broken down. Change oil reguarly and you will get another 100k out of it.
    Wheelie city here you come.

    P.S. once you get it-YES-the fact it seems to suck more juice than a Hummer is completely normal, as its basically a small car motor at 1.2 litres. Alledgedly 8-[ at around 180-200kmh, on a closed race circuit under strict conditions of coarse :grin: you can actually watch the fuel gauge go down :?
  6. Bloody hell, 5000km a year? What the hell have they been doing to it?
  7. Congrats mate!
  8. Wouldn't have minded buying yours, movin, but I got this one for $4700 with nearly 30,000 less kms than yours, no damage or even wear and without the hassle of transfering it from Vic rego and transporting it from Melbourne, so... you'd probably have to have been willing to let yours go for about $3500 to make it really comparable...

    Having said that, someone in Melbourne should totally snap yours up 'cos they're just c0ckin' awesome! I prefer the older frame to the newer one from a looks point of view.
  9. And grunt city to boot. Well done Brav. Sweet bike.
  10. jeez that is great price for a lot of bike! :cool:
  11. Congrats and many happy kilometres!
  12. Congrats , nice bike the bandit ! Good price too !
  13. wooohooooo
    congrats Bravus!!!

  14. During my research in buying a bike the bandit was mentioned & never in a negative context. Well done mate, nice pick up.

    Happy riding !! :cool:
  15. Woooott!!!! It's home, in the garage, and the ride home was awesomely awesome, even though it was traffic-ridden and I was trying not to lose Suzie in the cage. It's just so damn easy - roll on absolutely anywhere, even 2k in top, and the urge is just there. It's like a personal butler who says "How much accelaration would Sir like? Oh, only that much? Very well, but I have a brobdignagian quantity on hand should Sir need it." ;)
  16. Well done old chap... Goodluck on the gsx400 sale
  17. Bravus meets the Torquemonster...

    (Pics man, pics!) :wink:
  18. Psst .. Bikes for sale is open again :grin:
  19. Congrates, Enjoy!!
  20. Congrats mate! She looks in good nick. :)

    Should find 2wa for his "old vs new" comparo he wants to do :grin: