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Braving the 'CarPark'

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by booga, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. Well for the first time I travelled in on the Monash today, 8:15-8:45am...

    I got on at Warrigal Road and off at Yarra Bend. Saw about 4 other riders going my way. Was a tight squeeze through some trucks a few times. And only clipped my mirror once when going past a tray, and was only a tiedown strap that caught it...

    So all in all was a good run... but never expect me to do that again :LOL:

  2. Today wasn't the best day for travelling Melbourne's eastern roads.

    I'm led to believe the Monash was clogged due to an accident, and rail boom gates were stuck down in Nunawading and Mitcham.
  3. Yep, someone rolled a B-double in Burnley at about 2.00am. They managed to block the freeway in both directions.

    When I hit the Monash this morning at FTG Rd, traffic was moving at 110 klicks until shortly after Warrigal Rd where we hit the gridlock and I started lanesplitting.

    My vote for most frustrated driver of the day goes to the guy in the yellow Lamborghini Gallardo. Imagine stop-starting that thing all the way into town - I couldn't help smirking as he was bested by my mighty Across! :LOL:

    My vote to the most noxious cargo goes to the 3 semi-trailers carrying crates of chickens. God those things stink!
  4. :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
    Congrats Dave, a great effort.
    Now to get you lane splitting into coffee on a Friday night ;)

    That goes for 2 Daves ;)
  5. Havent had the pleasure of attacking that road in any peak hour traffic , sounds like an experience to AVOID.
  6. Pigs are worse - especially when you go to overtake and get a fine spray of pig excrement :cry: :cry: DAMHIO :?
  7. One of the funniest things I ever saw was a convertible passing a cattle truck on a hot day only for the occupants to cop a spray from one of the cattle :facepalm:
  8. I would pay good money to see that. :LOL:

    Even better, to have some sort of James-Bond-Style bike modification made that would fling cow shit at the press of a button.
  9. gotta luv the onash carpark. today was bad near the city. i am starting to do it more and more on the accross. my advice take it easy as there are some dumb cages on that road. i find the right lane the best, away from the entry/exit ramps.

    grommit reckon i have seen u a few times, along with another teal across from out past my place. there are a few teals around
  10. I timed it perfectly today. As I approached Warrigal Rd at about 6:18am they opened the freeway. So from there on in I got a great run. No traffic to speak of.
  11. Add a little darkness, a little chill of winter and pouring rain. AS well as traffic that is surging pretty heavily rather than holding a set speed or crawling along...then you KNOW you are having fun. But I'm starting to find that if you take an exit all the parallel roads are empty...quite a relief.
  12. I used to do the Monash daily to and from work. Found it a pain, but never life-threatening, and I used to split a fair bit.

    It's all about traffic prediction - eg, being aware of blind spots, noting the behaviour of cars not just directly in front of you but 100 meters in front of you, looking for openings that you can use and that cars might try to use, etc etc.

    On the other hand I'm an absolute chicken when it comes to twisties! My mates on their Hyosung 250's used to whip my ass, even though I was on a ZX-2R.
  13. The thing that frightened me today was the amount of impatient car drivers changing lanes to get one car length ahead quicker then using the emergency lanes.
    I rang work at the toorak road exit and then got off at toorak road which was more or less empty until stkilda road. Went for a leisurly ride into work as it didnt matter what time I got there.
    Got back on the westgate freeway from kings road and you could smell the pigtruck from about a kilometre away.
  14. You must have been not far ahead of me.
  15. I used to travel the Nepean Hwy but the wider lanes on the Monash make splitting much easier. When splitting you always need to look where you're going as you don't have a lot of space, watch the mirrors. Beyond that I look for spaces more than anything else. A space is a car magnet and will draw the adjacent car into it.
  16. It's always a bit frightening the first time, but you will soon get to understand the benefits, just avoid it when they are moving.
  17. I used to ride the Monash daily to and from work, often in peak hour. It's impossible to do if you don't split, and dangerous if you haven't developed whiskers appropriate to your bike.

    I found that watching what was happening 100 meters up the road or further was safest, you find a rhythm and use your peripheral vision a lot to do the actual weaving. It's also an excellent way to develop your 6th sense regarding bike and body position in relation to obstacles

    Practice, practice, practice.
  18. Give us a wave next time! (My helmet's black, the rest of my gear's black/grey, and I usually have a backpack on.)

    The only Netrider I've spotted on the Monash is cnstr, thanks to his rego plate - which is usually lanesplitting briskly into the distance!
  19. I reckon half the netriders on the monash pass each other without realising.
    I waved through Emma on her across a week back as she had room where my bike's mirrors wouldnt fit.
    didn't know it was her till later (Fireagle)
    I had to go around one person on his K bmw with panniers that stuck out a mile, today by cutting across 2 lanes as he wouldn't move out the way but remained in the split zone as his bike wouldn't fit whereas the 3 bikes behind him could have .
    Courtersy and looking in the mirrors isn't too hard is it?
    I always allow faster riders through if I feel I wont fit.
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