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Brandy Bottle - Ride & Camp

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Highett, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. Brandy Bottle - Ride & Camp with Capricorn Ulysses - 5th, 6th 7th & 8th June 2015


    I would have very much liked the whole 4 days but I ony had the Sunday and Monday free, so I missed the golf play off.

    A short ride for me, 220k out and 220k back, the camp over and the social aspect was the prize.

    Packed and ready to go Sunday Morning.


    I grabbed some breakfast at the Maccas drive through and parked at the Spire in Rockhampton.


    Stopped to top up the fuel and have a break at the Puma Servo on the hwy near Marlborough.


    The Bruce hwy just stretches off into the distance.


    An other look at the long road.


    Just pulled up at Brandy Bottle.

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  2. Brandy Bottle Ride & Camp - Continued

    Beer was cold, food was good, great to catch up with mates.


    Brandy Bottle has a nine hole golf course, Capricorn Ulysses has a yearly team play off, its pretty laid back but fun, so heres the golf champs for 2015.


    We had showers in the afternoon so I waited until it stopped and ended up pitching camp in the dark while I was doing that it started raining again, but got to bed just a little damp and dried off through the night, woke up at day break Monday morning to a nice day.


    Had breakfast, broke camp and headed for home, down the road I pulled into Clairview, I had gone past it many times but had never had a look, grabed a couple of photos and got going.


    I got past malborugh and stopped at the Puma for a drink and caught up with the other riders, the weather did not look good towards Rockhampton, sure enough I rode into showers, least it did not dump it down.
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  3. Great ride report Highett, Is that a 400MHz CB antenna you have on the back of the bike?
  4. Its a mobile phone antenna.
  5. Wow, that must give you good gain/range. What about your swag, I generally use a 2 man pup tent but would like the ability to stand in side the tent so I was looking at options and was intending to go larger. Do you find the swag confining at all? It does seem to give you the ability to stand with the flap open. How have you found it for use in bad weather etc, Where did you get it?
  6. I used to be a tent ony person, always thought a swag would be confining.

    I have learnt that not to be the case, The swag I use is roomy enough to put my helmet, boots and tank bag down one side, I put my jacket over my feet.

    I am not a small bloke and I found that I have plenty of room even with my gear in it.

    I have camped in everything from heatwave conditions to mountain cold and find it suits my needs very well, it does not blow around like a tent in a strong wiind.

    It comes with pegs and cord, I have never used them as it is self supporting, very easy to pitch, I have set and broke camp in the dark many times.

    I have slept on concrete, clay, grass and picnic tables, all four sides open up for ventilation in hot weather and it has sand fly mesh so you do not get eaten alive, also keeps out spiders and other crawlies ypu get in a bush camp.

    The only thing I changed was the mattress which I trimed 250mm off the width, its still plenty big enough but I can now fold the sides in and it rolls up a lot smaller.

    As far as swags go there are many types, I am very happy with mine.
    King Single Dome Swag
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