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Brands and booze

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by BitSar, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Bike................................drink
    What brand drinks what?

    Honda = Beer, domestic, safe - I know what I'm getting

    Yamaha = Beer, whatever, don't care - as long as there's HEAPS

    Suzuki = Beer, domestic, low-carb

    Kawasaki = Beer or Bourbon, don't care as long as its cheap.

    Harley = Bourbon, Whisky something brown straight up

    Buell = As above, with cola

    Ducati = Latte please

    Triumph = Port or Sherry, to the Queen

    Aprilia = Grappa or Ouzo, let's get smashed fast

    Benelli = As above but faster

  2. Looks like I'm buying a Yamaha for my next bike.
  3. I have a port barrel :dance:
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    Hyosung = apple cider
  5. Vincent -- Brandy that was old when Napoleon marched on Moscow.
  6. Looks like I need a Buell... Not a bad thing :LOL:
  7. Kawasaki = Beer or Bourbon, don't care as long as its cheap.

    Noooooooooooo!!!!...... Vino (wine) for me... and not the cheapest crap either!! [​IMG]
  8. BMW all of the above
  9. Scooterist = Chardonnay drinker, surely?
  10. no ktm?? thats sad :(
  11. This is the real reason I'm selling my Kawasaki, but as a scotch drinker, what should I be riding?
  12. You can always add to the list :D

    KTM = Scandinavian Vodka over Crushed mountain gravel ice cubes
  13. Just for you MrBling

    BMW = Minimum 12 year single malt Highland Scotch Whisky.

    See.....all better now (y)
  14. CZ/Jawa -- Something made from fermented potatoes and distilled in the backyard
  15. 50cc moped = water :D
  16. Ural - Vodka, with the added advantage of 3 wheels when you overdo it.
  17. FYM (sachs) - Cleanskin
  18. Moped - I cant afford this..
  19. I'm into my home brew. Not sure if that fits the scooter stereo type.
  20. ^ Gold :rofl: