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Brand spanking ST3

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Fitty, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. Picked up my new Street Triple yesterday, rode it to work and rode it back home. It's absolutely fantastic, although staying under 5k revs for the first 480km is going to be difficult. Haven't had a chance to get out and stretch its legs today, but I think I'll go for a burn up through the twisties today, and go to the RAT ride leaving from Melbourne tomorrow.

    Pics below:


  2. Sweet ride champ.
    Remember to bed you brakes and tires in nice an easy too.
    Happy days
  3. Thanks man. Yeah, I was told to allow twice the stopping distance for the first tank of fuel. I've been swerving at slow speeds along back streets to get the wax off the tyres as well.
  4. Its a delicious type of scary..new bike, new brake pads all rolling on new rubber. Take it easy and enjoy. Remember,after the first thousand k's is out the way..all the horses can come out to play ;-)
  5. nice choice :)
    did you end up going with the rat pack? If so, how was it?
    I'm still running mine in so I took a pass this time.
  6. I was planning on going with the rat pack - even though I'm still very much running mine in (250km on the clock so far) - but there was no info on the website about what time they were leaving, so I gave it a pass, as well.

    I wouldn't mind going next time though, it's always good to have a few crews to ride with. The shop I take my bikes to run a first Saturday of the month ride with a BBQ to kick things off, although I'll miss that this month, too, because I'll be at a music festival on October 2.

    The run in is absolutely killing me. I'm still at the <5k revs stage and at that point it starts to sound great and just wants to go! I'm trying to get to the first service by Thursday week because I'm doing a big trip on Grand Final weekend - we'll be doing the following:

    South East Melb (home) > Healesville > Black Spur > Reefton Spur > Warburton > Bairnsdale > Omeo > Mt Hotham > Bright > Wangaratta > Home. About 1,000km all up, can't wait.

  7. Congrats on the new ride. It's always fun getting a new bike.

    Not sure your trip will be do-able in the next 2 weeks. Still over 100cm of snow in the hills.
  8. Enjoy.
    I'm very envious.
  9. Took it up around the Dandenongs and then on through to Healesville, Kinglake, St Andrews, Yarra Glen and home again today - it was a blast.

    The road between Kinglake and St. Andrews has to be one of the twistiest of twisties going 'round, but given how bare the hills are, a good drenching would probably cover the road in mud, which would be scary as all get out.

    Got past the magic 480km mark so I can rev up to six grand now. The extra thousand revs might not sound like much more but I can stick in a lower gear and have so much more feel (obviously) up higher now. Can't wait to crack the 1280km mark so I can take it all the way up to 14!