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Brand Spanking Newbie!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by GS500chick, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. Hi!

    Right, so, I did the Q-Ride course a few weeks back, bought a GS500 (hence the name - oh and did I mention I'm a chick???). I'm about to move to Canberra and have two (for now) burning questions...

    1. Can anyone recommend a GOOD winter jacket (I mean one that will deal with Canberra's sub-zero mornings)- blue (except for my bike) is not my fave colour :)

    2. Anyone interested in mentoring a clueless chick in ACT from mid-May?

    Fingers crossed for staying upright:)

  2. Just sit still for 5 minutes, Jason Corney will be around soon.

    Once he gets a sniff of woman, he's like a man possesed :p
  3. I would be very surprised if you havent got your own accompanying 'bikie gang' within 24 hours.................
    these blokes just LOVE GS500's with a passion. :p :p :p

    By the way, welcome to NR.
    Cheers Rogues
    PS. Im not dead, or gay...I just live too far away. :wink:
  4. I'll let you know how the Ixon Sismic goes when I get on the roads*. Looks to be a popular jacket as two of the guys at CMC @ Mitchell had them :)

    Ixon Carbonic also looked good, available in several colours. Try going for a size larger than usual, so you can wear more layers underneath without getting too restricted in movement.

    *Stay Upright course this coming weekend, woohoo!!!
  5. Do we get to spank newbies? Man I've been missing out.
  6. Out of curiosity, how tall are you, GS500chick? Are you able to have both feet flat footed on the ground when you're on the bike?
  7. Peaches, I'm 5 foot 3 - not quite flat footed - heel's about an inch off the ground

    Ibast - I guess I deserved that - should have thought thru the title a bit better, hey?

    Thanks for the link jayp, and will sus out those ixon jackets - thanks for the tip Four40.
  8. +1 on the Ixon jackets. I've got one and its not a proper winter jacket but it keeps me warm enough going down the Monaro Hwy everyday. I reckon gloves are more important than jackets for Canberra winters. I've got to work some mornings and have not been able to move my hands.

    As for mentoring I havnt been riding long but I'm always keen to help new riders out. I think Shoot to Thrill got something out of our practice session the other day.
  9. I says more about my mind than your title. Welcome anyway.
  10. I guess it does at that :LOL: Thanks for the welcome and the chuckles!
  11. I just recently picked up a BMW NewCity Jacket from the BMW dealership in Southbank here in Melb.

    It's an all-weather jacket with a waterproof lining. There is also a zip-out thermal inner for those cold winter days :D

    Plus it is one of the best looking jackets around imo -- 50s styling.
  12. A warm winter jacket is limited to just winter. Got one in the cupboard I hardly wear. The one I wear is more or less a three season jacket and I wear a fleece jacket and thermals underneath in winter. Then I can remove layers as the day heats up. But Melbourne isn't as cold as Canberra. You can get heated vests and heated hand grips (or just HTFU)
  13. Balaclava. Stops the area under your chin getting cold and the air pushing between your throat and your jacket and forcing down to your chest.

    I push the fabric down off my nose as I don't like the restriction to my breathing, but it's just a personal preference.

    Scarf is another option, but won't necessarily stop you getting a cold chin.
  14. +1 to balaclava and/or neck warmer & gloves

    two most important things to keep you warm

    i just stick 3 or 4 more layers under my leather jacket which does the job unless i'm sitting on 80 for too long

    i feel the cold pretty bad though, still ride at 4am in the cold so enough with the HTFU
  15. Sorry just a little off topic ...GS500 chick ... I'm about to pick up my new GS500, would be interested to hear from you on how you have found it and what to look out for with the bike?

    I've previously done a bit of riding on a CB250 and a Shadow 650 ... the GS felt good to sit on but never actually done a ride out on the road with it.
  16. Hi Melbgirl. The GS500 is my first bike - so I dunno what I can tell you. Umm .... I havent got a clue and havent managed to have any life threatening moments yet... so it must be a goodun?? :)
  17. Canberra

    Hey GS500 chick, are you in Canberra yet?

    If so you should head along to a coffee night, every Monday at Tilley's in Lyneham - there are about 5,000 learners on GS500s :p