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Brand Spanking new Yamaha XJ6S - First bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by kma_jg, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Hi all, got to tell that I got me new XJ6S this arvo. 1Km on the clock.
    Now it's p*****g down and I can't even take it for a spin.

  2. serves you right for living in Melbourne :p
  3. hahahah congrats on the new bike - I'm sure you'll love it... you can always practice slow speed manouvers in the garage....
  4. rained when i picked up my bike from the dealers also i went back inside got a waterproof textile jacket and rode it anyway
  5. As someone said to me recently about racing in the rain, its not more dangerous, its just harder.

  6. I'll take some soon and post it. It is still stock standard, nothing fancy or did you want to see what a odometer look like with "1" on it? :p
  7. Thanks, mate.
    yeah, I'll get the cones out
  8. Well actually ...
  9. When I got my first bike and couldn't get out on the road, I used to ride it up and down my driveway because I just couldn't stand to see it sitting there without me on it. My neighbours thought I was crazy (but then they don't ride). Hope the weather fines up for you soon.
  10. Nice choice of bike and definitely need pics.

    I considered the n version myself when I was getting my bike as the fit and feel felt great.
  11. Here you go




  12. This bike is very easy riding and the upright position is great.I'm 6'2" and don't feel as if my legs are too tight.
    I see you're in Broady, we're pratically neighbours. I'm in Craigieburn.
  13. Haha, same here, picked up bike Xmas Eve on a warm day but then poured down as soon as I left the showroom for the 6K ride home.
    Top it off, just got L's, brand new rider and the guy says watch it as new tyres are really slippery in wet..... PERFECT!

    Still loved it though!
  14. Yeah I sat on a few at Evolution and City yamaha and being near same height as you the leg placement and just general posture felt perfect.

    I'm actually in Meadow Heights now but spend a lot of time in Roxy visiting family. Hit me up anytime you wanna go for a ride and we'll explore the surrounding suburbs as I sure could do with a riding buddy nearby.
  15. Makes my new VTR 250 look like a piece of junk :), purty.
    Take it out in the wet! just take it eaaaasy.
  16. Gorgeous colour, seems like a high level of finish. You're very fortunate to have access to something like this as a learner!

    I think you're making the right call avoiding the wet until you have a few hundred kays under your belt, but learning to ride in adverse conditions is a skill every learner needs to learn when the time is right. (y)
  17. Correction.
  18. shes a beuty mate, love the color, red bikes are faster

    Weird questions for you, could you tell me what is that diamentre of the tank badges?

    Reson being I recently resprayed my bike and have to order new tank badges and want to know the diametre


  19. Why did you spray it? Using a tape measure the tank badge is about 54mm across.

    My Yamaha registration card says it's a XJ6S, but the throttle is restricted to make it LAMS approved. Aren't they (XJ6S or N) all?
    The "L" still has to be mounted...but is looking for a better place to put the rego holder to make place for the "L" plate...