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Brand spanking new rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Donshe, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just thought I'd join up and introduce myself. Found this forum via Google because Im sure theres a lot to learn about riding smart and safe.

    Im 19 from the Western suburbs of Sydney , going for my pre-learners rider training on Thurs/Fri this week. Own a Suzuki RG125 which Ive ridden around the block a couple of times and man do I suck lol.

    Anyway, thats about it for now, hope to get a lot from this forum :)

  2. Spanking? B&D is over there >>----------->

    Welcome to the real world.
  3. I don't have leathers yet, but I figure, when I do, Im half way to B&D anyway !

    Thought i might type up my little riding experience yesterday, I drive a manual car so you'd think I could handle the strts easy. WRONG, took me long enough to get out in first let alone ride. Then comes the braking, instinctively from being on 2 wheels, I always put the clutch in when Im trying to slow down (think pushbikes and rear brakes), then I figure out what Im doing, shift down and use the rear brakes, bit unsure about using the front brakes though, on corners and stuff, Im only using that when coming to a complete halt. But yeah, I think at this point my major problem is gear selection (shifting down to the right gear) and overuse of the clutch due to reflexes
  4. Welcome to the forums. Stay safe while your practicing, you can't concentrate on traffic if your still trying to work out the bike. Find a quiet car park. Good Luck, hope you enjoy.
  5. Welcome!!!!!
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys. So Ive been reading around a bit and seen you guys meetup a bit.

    Are there many Sydney meets where you guys tolerate cautious learners :p

    I dont really know many other people with bikes, so I'll be getting a little lonely haha
  7. welcome.
    Rg125 Nice!!
  8. I don't think you can ever get lonely on a bike. It's just you, the bike, and the blacktop. Sheer relaxation. :cool:

    Welcome aboard.
  9. Thought Id post a couple of pics, managed to get into 6th today, yay, haha.



    Not the greatest monster of a bike, but Im enjoying it :)
  10. Nice.

    Are you allow to have your rego sticker there in new south?
  11. So you were able to ride it before any training? Awesome! I couldn't even balance a bike, let alone get it moving, at the start of my training. Now that's sucking! All the best :)
  12. Haha yeah, Ive been taking it out every evening and going for long laps of the block, not daring enough to face main road traffic yet. Starting to not stall now too lol.

    But yeah, my dad just told me first was down, the next 5 were up and that I sould stop being a little girl and go out and ride :(

    Lol, he's been bugging me to go for my L's for nearly 2.5yrs now, so finally doing it day after tomorrow !
  13. :dance: welcome Donshe
  14. I know its a bit of a bump, but I don't know where else to post. I finished my pre-learners successfully !

    Day 1 where you learn basic stop start was tough as using a non motorised bike with someone pushing at such low speeds was well, weird

    Day 2 with a bit more speed was fun, but I made a few small errors which i still need to fix up such as where Im looking and the positioning of my knees, however, the ENTIRE day was done in pouring rain, not what i expcted but fun.

    Can't wait to do the knowledge test, slap on some L's and start riding some more challenging roads
  15. Way to go. Sounds like you're enjoying yourself.

    Reading these new rider threads makes me think I was a bit of alright when I was learning. Never stalled, smooth changes and not afraid to jump straight into traffic. Must be the couple of years behind the wheel of a car before that. Well, way to go me. :roll:

    I have dropped the clutch (last half of it at least) one cold night when I couldn't feel my fingers. Was taking off from the lights, so I had enough revs to keep it going, just. I nearly flew off the back of the bloody thing. Gave myself a scare then. Laughed my ass of afterwards though. :grin:

    Keep us informed of your progress.
  16. Hey Donshe,

    Welcome to the forum. I've been riding for 7 months now and still learning and getting experience on the road, I watch other riders how they ride. Except once, when I saw one guy of Anzac Bridge who rides with one hand and looking at other cars not the road (I think his showing off). Not a good example to see.
    I would suggest for you to do a pre-provisional course before taking your P-License test, I find it helpful. I did my L's in Stay Upright at Clyde, their great instructors.
    Dont rush yourself. :)
  17. Cheers guys, I so cbf reading the literature for the L's test.

    Rickster- I was at Penrith, great laid back blokes who were easy going and taught well too.

    Might go for a ride tomorrow :oops:

    All I need now is people with bikes to ride with once im a bit more able haha