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Brand Spankin' Nooooo

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Woodya, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Hi Netriders !!
    Got my L's last weekend and have been dreaming of bike shopping ever since but have been stuck at work !!!! Ugggh!!
    I really like the Cruiser style but am a bit worried about the position of the gear and rear brake pedals (I have a small case of short-leg syndrome :grin: ). I've only been looking online so far, so need to go check a few out to see how they feel.
    I really like the Honda CA250 (it seems more upright than say the Suzuki Intruder). I also like the Honda V25 (or sometimes seems to be called VT250???).
    Also, someone said to be wary of bikes with no fairings as a learner coz of added drag from wind ??? Anyone reckon that's a major show-stopper or am I being paranoid....... :?
    As you can probably tell, I dont know much about bikes, but am very keen to learn, so anyone wanting to point a clueless chick in the right direction would be most welcome.
    Till then - look forward to chatting soon.

  2. Chick? :woot:

    One more girl on a bike!

    go for lots of test rides and see what you like best. And a lack of fairing works well for learners. If/when you drop it, less damage is done.
  3. Woodya? well why wouldn't ya?

    Welcome, lots of advice here I hear people who are vertically challenged actually love the Viragos etc cause of the short seat hight. But what do I know I'm 6'2"! :LOL:

    Anyway I like sonja's idea of test rides but if you were like me when I got my learners I would not have been able to tell the difference. No fairing is very good for learners less insurance costs and cheaper if you drop it and you will, not stack just drop it when you forget to put the side stand down. :oops:

    If cruisers rock ya boat go for it! :grin:
  4. Welcome....


    Theres a new one I havent heard... Not too sure what this person was thinking... unless they thought you want to break some land speed records, or that you are that light that they were afraid you might get blown off whilst riding...

    Seriously, as already mentioned above, no fairing will save you coin on repairs should you drop it...
    But all said, just go sit and ride on some bikes, youll definately find something you like (and if its got fairings, take em off :wink: - streetfighter style!! :LOL: ).

  5. get your behind on as many bikes as you possibly can, take the comfy-feeling ones for a little ride and then make your decision.

    chicks on bikes are cool :grin:
  6. where abouts in Melbe are you? may be you can hook up with a few netriders and have a sit on there bikes, have a chat to Caz and Bella (Ali) about the 250 Virago.
  7. Welcome Woodya, you've made a great start. All of us started out asking lots of questions, and one thing is certain about this place, it's not short of answers!!
  8. Oh yeah, and welcome, now i have a cousin (by nic only) to hang shit on, Woodya Woodsy lol
  9. THanks - all very helpful advice already - lovin it !! :grin:
    One of the biggest catch 22's I guess when you first get yr L's is being too nervy to actually go test ride one - I haven't been on the road yet and would rather practise a bit around my own area which I know.
    My boyfriend has a VTR250 and, if I behave myself :LOL: I might get a spin on that to get the confidence up before hitting the bike shops........
    But agreed, best bet will be to get on as many as possible to decide which one I like best/feels good for me.
  10. The nakeds tend to shift around in the wind a little more, but its nothing to be concerned about.

    If wind doesnt bother you you will be fine.
    Its not like it will blow you off the bike.
  11. im not really recommending this bike but more the style,,

    i started on a 94 kawasaki EL 250

    now how that think hauled my 100 kg plus arse around is beyond me,,,,, but i can assure you it did!

    but for a person with limited height the lower seated cruiser style would be perfect.

    Also it was a really light cruiser, so obv not knowing how strong you are, it was really easy to handle.

    So if you are ourt and about in bike shops or looking privately - keep an eye out for these guys - should pick up a great condition one for the 2k mark!

    Happy hunting!
  12. boyfriend :shock: hahahaha joking :p , yeh take the test rides and if you can go for a 'naked' bike with no fairings. I personally recommend a Honda spada.

  13. Welcome Woodya

    The best advice has already been given. You wont know until you have actually put bum on seat. Everyone is different to what they find comfortable.
  14. welcome woodya

    what can I say about my wee lil beast...Virago 250,
    Im in lurve....LOL
    Nah..on a seriuos note, I'd never ridden a road bike before I got my L's in January. I had no idea about bikes(I'd been a pillion for years, not a rider), I asked alot of people about what they thought would suit me, mixed responses, but the thing that stuck in my head was "low centre of gravity" and low seat height. Not being experienced, I wanted to make sure I could plant my feet firmly on the ground. The Virago is a nimble little machine that is very easy to ride and makes learning fun. It is very light, and not being a faired bike does not get blown about in the wind, nor do you have to worry about repairing the fairings if you have a little fall in the learning process. The engines have a reputation of being virtually indestructable, many years of happy riding if you look after it properly.
    Very easy to do general services yourself, oil and air filters are cheap compared to some other bikes.
    I get 100kms for 3 litres of fuel, I've reached a top speed of 145 km's... (took a little while to wind out but I got there)even though the speedo only goes to 140 ( I was with another rider and went by his speedo.) Tyres are reasonable $130 for a rear every 10-12 thousand K's (depending on how many visits to the spur you make) .....
    I'm not sure on the cost for a front tyre, I'm about to replace it this month, and I've ridden 15000 k's on it, I dont know how many it's done all up cos it was on the bike when I bought it.
    I've had two hefty adults on my bike (160kg all up) and all was good.
    110km on the freeway no sweat two up. Just a pain on the uphill battle sometimes.

    I'm at that stage now where an upgrade is in sight, but I'm contemplating hanging on to my lil beast as a second bike, cos it's such a winner in traffic, very easy to split/filter, cheap on juice and has a sentimental spot in my heart :oops:

    The down side.... NO Tacho and NO centre stand. ( minor details)

    Many people hang it on the Virago, but on a whole it's a trusty machine with a good reputation and the basic design/engine has not changed much over the years, why change what works? :)
  15. Welcome to the zoo

    Cheers :cool:
  16. Hi Woodya.
    When deciding on the bike, take your time. Don't rush.
    I see you're also thinking of a cruiser. Before you decide to get a cruiser, just imagine how you 2 will look. You're on a cruiser, your BF on a VTR250. This might help you decide.