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Brand spankin' new GV650....

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by VanIkyn, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. G'day,

    Just ordered a new Hyo Aquila today, and I needed to share with people who'd appreciate the good news before I burst. It's a week away, so not too long to wait, but it will feel like a lot longer by next Thursday!!

    Anyway, Hyosung don't have a great deal of accessories available, and I do plan to go travelling on it with a pillion eventually. Soooo.....was wondering if anyone had tried and tested any generic third party luggage systems suitable for the GV650, or if anyone had any other suggestions?
  2. Congrats, and talk to Pete the Freak, Sydney's and Netrider's resident GV650 expert :).
  3. I understand what you're going through - I started to feel ill with excitement when I ordered my bike :LOL: ... still waiting :roll:
  4. Congrats on the new purchase. Glad you are excited: I hope that feeling never goes away :) :grin:
    We expect pics next week when the new baby arrives!
  5. congrats on the new bike
    not being biased but great choice
    there are some places that do after market stuff for the hyos some in australia but mainly in the states but there are some who will send out stuff and not slugg you an arm a leg and one ball :shock:
    there is also a forum world wide devoted to hyos and there counterparts i can pm you a link if you like (dont know how it would go if posted forums name here) so not to offend
    but when you get it enjoy it and be ready to answer a lot of questions ie is that a vrod
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :cool:
  6. Thanks for the kind words all.

    It's been nearly a week since I picked it up (sorry I haven't written sooner - too busy riding :grin: )

    Anyhoo, I love it. Big difference coming from a 200cc dirt bike :LOL:
    I'll try and get some pics of it soon!

    And thanks for that link Roby - haven't had much chance to have a good look but looks impressive.

  7. I am soooo jealous!!!

    [ :grin: :grin: :grin: I just ordered my Blue Hyo GV 650 today, I am a real sad, sitting in front of my computer playing motorbike game with my new Nolan 102 , new gloves and boots all on for effect. I wont get my machine for a couple of weeks, crap !!!
  8. WOOHOO!

    Another GV owner to the ranks. Dude. If your experience is anything like mine, you will NOT be disappointed.

    BUT - why a couple of weeks? 1 week was more than enough for me to wait. Regardless, I have not yet had a problem. Is the dealer having an issue?
  9. Congrats guys on the new rides :grin: .

    Where are you guys located ?,if your in sydney we can meet up for a cruise.

    Fill in your profile so you can get invites in your areas :)
  10. If you after anything for Hyosung's try This Guy First
  11. I've got to wait because they don't have a blue one in stock , and its a public holiday here Monday, so they won't order the bike until Tuesday, and everything in Perth has to come from the Eastern states, hence two week wait!! Oh the joys of living in Dullsville.
  12. Sweet site, thanks stigger!

    I'm in the Penrith area in NSW. Don't get much chance to go cruising (married :p ) but I reckon a get together might be a plan.

    Ah man.....I feel your pain. Just think of the glee when it arrives :grin:
  13. Please post pics :)
  14. Don't worry about the knockers.

    You are riding, not stuck at home in a lazy boy like some of the 'experts'.

    I think you do get what you pay for, in this case, value for money.
    The worst new bike made today is better than the best bike of 10 yrs ago.
    In handling, reliability, and grin factor.

    Ride what you want, tell the others to ' go forth and multiply'.

    And enjoy!
  15. Well said, Pete.

    Righto, here is my pride and joy -


  16. I agree with the first part. It's your bike ignore everyone else.

    Now thats not exactly true is it now...
  17. as long as we eliminate the bikes that are the same design as 10 yrs ago (royal enfield), etc, as a generalisation, I stand by the comment.
  18. So a Hyosung GT650 is better that a Kawasaki ZR1100, or a BMW R90S or a Yamaha TRX850 or RZ500, to be perfectly honest I'm not sure it's better than a GS500.

    I get what you are trying to say, but worst to best doesn't work out...
  19. What does it really matter? As long as we all have the passion for riding, then the make of the bike is just small stuff, and good shit stirring at bbq.'s
  20. [quote
    If you after anything for Hyosung's try This Guy First[/quote]

    VanIkyn this guy deals through the pride forum and usually people get together when ordering to cut some post costs i believe :cool:
    and i agree with boab :cool: