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Brand Spankin Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by arsixx, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. Okay, so I'm buying a NEW bike this week, most likely the Speed triple with a bunch of extras.

    I'm after some advice on bargaining for new bike.

    RRP for S3 $17,990 INCLUDING ORC

    Now the extras I want bring the bike up to $21,791
    (seat cowl, rear wheel hugger, slip on exhausts, flyscreen, imobolizer, + fender eliminator)

    This price is well above say a new Ducati 1100 which comes with most of these items STANDARD.

    So now I'm tied deciding between because at first I loved the Ducati but the $21,990 price sounded too high, with the S3 Im in the same position now.

    I told the Triumph dealer my situation and that paying that much for the Triumph would be like paying more for a BMW than a Ferrari, and needed him to speak to the manager and work out a best price something under the 21,000 mark. I get a call back and my answer is 'once you pay the deposit we can tell you what the best price for the bike is'

    that has turned me away from the deal completely.. I'm wondering what really I could expect off the price, and possibly another triumph dealer in melbourne/victoria (as the one i went to is the only i know of)?
  2. WHAT???!!!

    That's just insulting!
  3. WTF? I would tell the dealer to enjoy his S3 because you aint gonna buy it no more.
    I would also ride past REAL soon on the duke and visit the pigs knuckle.
  4. If the deposit is refundable subject to you not accepting the final price, why not?

    Actually, I can understand it. Lots of people play one dealer against another, and it's all part of the game. They just don't want to cut the other dealers' throats. It doesn't help your cause that most of the Triumph Dealers in Vic are Peter Stevens stores, who just happen to be owned by the same people who own Triumph Australia...

    (BTW, why would you go for the air cooled 1100 when you can get the S4R for less?)
  5. yeah i would go for the S4R but just as a comparison using the 1100 as its a current model
  6. Go the Duke
    I never let salespeople play that sort of game with me.
    Lost sale for them not me.
  7. the weird thing was he didnt give a fcuk. i told him to pass me through to the manager, but he said he wasnt allowed, so i told him my next phone call was to ducati to hand over credit card numbers, salesman said yep no worries bye.

    not to mention it took me 3 phone calls to actually get onto the salesperson.

    and titus is giving away too much information :wink:
  8. How can you pay a deposit when you don't actually know the price? When buying a house, do you pay a deposit and then negotiate the price with the owner?

    I could understand if he asked you to come in to discuss the deal in person rather then over the phone, but no way in the world would I pay a deposit without knowing the final price.
  9. Actually good point, is that even legal?
    My understanding was that you have to negotiate a price THEN pay a deposit.
  10. if they've got stock, and you've got money, and the vehicle is in demand, they'll do it

    Mazda are in a similar position with the 6; have been since it came out. They don't discount it because it's so popular, if YOU don't pay full price, someone else will....
  11. Why not tell the guy what YOU are willing to pay for the bike and if he doesn't come to the party go and buy yourself the Duc. Don't ASK him for a price, TELL him the price!

    Keep in mind that (guessing here) you don't HAVE to buy a bike right now. In reality you have time on your side and a good deal will come from somewhere.
  12. There is a trumpy dealer in Shepparton who are apparently great to deal with and do betterdeals than Stevo's on bikes, it may be worth giving them a call.

    Alternatively go in and see Kirby at Stevo's in Ringwood, he has been a pleasure to buy a bike from and I highly recommend him

    The sales guy you spoke to sounds like an arrogant arsehole...best response would be come in and see me and I'm sure we can work something out...

    really, what a cock...the lack of sales ability displayed by half of these dealership monkeys is unbelievable :roll:
  13. the thing is i gave them an offer to start off with and they refused it. i wanted $1,000 off the price (excluding exhaust system) and he straight out said no.

    also pretty sure ringwood peter stevens will earn the job, had a chat to parts manager who is an old mate of my old mans. actually a pleasure to deal with and didnt feel like i was bidding on a fcuking house
  14. it shouldnt matter how much stock or how sought after the bike is.
    i bought my first bike from sydney city motorcycles and when it was time to buy my 2nd bike they had a 15 person waiting list on it but even so they still gave me a discount on a bike new bike that was ultra popular and could sell it to another 10 people.

    thats what i call good service, wanting to look after there customers.
    and because of that i will always return there.

    tell these douches where to stick the bike and go somewhere else!
  15. Yeah forget about them. I can understand that they don't want you to go back and forth between dealers but whenever I have been in a similar position its a question of saying I am ready to sign/pay deposit today if the price is agreeable, if they can't even provide that look elsewhere.

    Otherwise consider some other factors that would work for you. I haven't bought a new bike but have bought a couple brand new cars. I push less on the actual price but always have scheduled services included. Never had a problem with this and works out a much bigger discount in the long run.

    if the duke offers better value to you though then go for it. That would probably be my first pick anyway.
  16. My mate purchased a (speed or street) triple R - i always get them confused - about a month or 2 ago.

    The issue you have is, they are in such high demand. As hornet said, if you don't buy at the price someone else will as the demand out strips the supply at the moment. about 3 month or so wait.

    I didnt get a heap of discount off the xvs650 as they were in a similar state with the learner legal bikes being extended last year around this time i think to other states, so there was a drain on supply.

    My mate experienced a similar issue that you had, but he actually went into the triumph dealer in nsw. They took his bike for a test ride, and then proceeded to not give him a price or trade in value - they would do that when he was ready to hand over the deposit. So, he laughed, explained what tools they were, and off he went to buy it else where.

    At the end of the day. Decide what you think the bike is worth to you - how much you willing to pay, and then don't go over it. But they know they have you by the balls, cause if you really want the bike, you will pay the asking price for it - potentially get the extras in 6 months or so if you cant afford them now? also gives the bike a nice new feeling in 6 months as you add the bling.
  17. ended up shopping around getting best prices, working out what i can pay if i bought accessories after market, put 2+2 together, called them and gave them my offer, salesman negotiated with the manager and they declined said sorry mate no deal. got the managers number, spoke to him 1 on 1, ended up where i wanted :]
    deposit paiddd

  18. seriously thinking of the same bike ...

    w fly screen and twin slip ons...

    care to let us know the price ?
  19. mate i wouldnt have even dealt with these jokers, what are they playing at.
    i work at harvey norman and there is definately no way that would ever happen and plus any deposit is refundable within 7days let alone the 15min you woulda had it down its the law.
    I know that the auto market is different but im sick of this rubbish, we're supposed to be protected against this sort of rubbish price fixing by federal law but its not monitored.
    Imagine if Harvey norman and its subsiduaries became the only electrical retailer in australia even thoough we are all franchises *like dealerships* we could just make a deal that we would never dip below RRP like some of these dealers seem to do and then what. Everyone cries because they could afford the LED that they really wanted and i live in a F@$@in mansion from all the commission i would make but instead we make nothing.
    BTW most TVs at RRP are at most 20% profit then theyre ticketed down to about 12% to cover finance cost, and then on most deals we do between 0-5% profit, so next time you come in asking for better, NO it cant be it IS GOOD... sorry, point is i would not have dealt wit the guy on principle because he sounded like an arrogant jerk
  20. Geez thats interesting price wise. Makes the deal I got recently on new 08 runout Superduke look even better.

    Did you end up getting all your extras thrown in that you wanted?