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Brand Power

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. So, how many different BRANDS of motorcycle have you owned?
    How many different models within brands (prompted by super boldor's Honda collection!)
    Have you ever sold a bike and then bought it back, and do you still have it?

    I've had, in order since 1974
    Yamaha 250
    Yamaha 650
    Kawasaki 500/4
    Honda 750 F1
    Kawasaki 250 triple two stroke

    Honda 600 Hornet

    No repeats, but my first two were Yamahas
  2. Only Yamaha's so far.

    1988 Yamaha Fzr 250 (2kr)
    1996 Yamaha YZF 750R

    My next bike: I like the fz1... but won't be needing a bike for a few years so I will have to see what else comes out.
  3. One Suzuki rg250w
    And a Triumph 2001 tt600

    the old rg is well in need of a complete overhall
    body and engine, it lies domant in my shed
    awaiting its glorious return to the roads
  4. In order of purchase
    Kawasaki sold
    Suzuki sold
    Kawasaki write off
    kawasaki write off
    Suzuki sold
    Yamaha sold
    Ducati still have and continuing to modify
  5. Mmm, let's see

    Honda 350/4
    Honda MT125
    Yamaha RD250
    Honda 400/4
    Honda 750/4 F1
    Honda 500/4
    Honda CBX550F2
    Suzuki GS850G
    Honda CBX550F
    Honda CBX550F2
    Honda VFR750

    Trail bikes

    Yamaha TY250
    Bultaco Sherpa T

    Mostly Hondas, have never owned a Kawa.
  6. Taz50 (love it :LOL: )
    honda CR250
    Suzuki Bandit 250
    Yamaha YZF600R
    Suzuki GSXR1100
    Suzuki GSXR750
    Kawasaki ZXR750
    Kawasaki ZX7R

    those last 4 are all within the last 6 months, i think i've been having some kind of identity crisis :LOL:
  7. Puch 50 (don't ask)
    RD50 MX
    C50 (don't ask Mk2)
    Peggy 650
    ZX6R (current ride)

    So as you can see, no real brand-loyalty so far. That could be changing though because I'm thinking about either a Z750 or a new ZX6R for my next ride 8)
  8. Honda VT250 Spada
  9. Kawasaki GPZ250
    Kawasaki ZZ-R1100
  10. In the interests of newer riders who often ask what they should get after they get rid of their 250's, what were your impressions of the change to an 1100???
  11. The 1100 was more powerful :LOL:
  12. D'uh, really????

    Thanks for that gem if information, dan....you're SUCH a big help...

  13. Suzuki RM80
    Suzuki RM125
    Yam DT250
    Yam XT250
    Yam Quad
    Yam AG200
    Kwaka ZZR250 (one of the multitude)
    Suzuki GS500 (swore I'd never buy another Suzi after the trouble I had with the first two but it was such a good deal and she is a sweet little thing)

    No real brand loyalty but the xt was one of the better bikes, next bike could be a Harley (Softtail), Trumpy(Tiger or TT), Duke (916), Honda (CBR 1100xx), or even another Suzi(GSXR). I really haven't decided yet
  14. More powerful is a bit of an understatement.

    It was like going from a donkey with no legs to a recehorse with 8 legs. I nearly went flying off the back of the bike within the first 10 minutes of riding it. I only had to marginally open the throttle and the bloody thing took off on me. Needless to say, I didn't expect the acceleration, even though I knew it went bloody fast.

    It took me months of riding just to even begin getting used to the acceleration. Nearly 9 years later, I still get a buzz out of giving it a handful in first, second and third. :D :D :D :D
  15. Isnt this more of a How many bikes have you owned thread ? A quick search will reveal all .
  16. Tough question, my brand loyalty would be? I oown 2 a Honda & a Yamaha! But I really love Bond, can ya tell?
  17. nope, i would never of guessed :wink: :D
  18. I knew you wouldn't disappoint me! froflmao!
  19. Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati

    :D :D :D

    Just to be pedantic for Midnight, I have only put brands as that is exactly what the question was asking!

  20. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    If it was just brands , why did the person who started the thread also put capacity of the bikes?
    It should have read like this .


    Instead of this ,

    Yamaha 250
    Yamaha 650
    Kawasaki 500/4
    Honda 750 F1
    Kawasaki 250 triple two stroke

    Honda 600 Hornet