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Brand new

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by yardman, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. Brand new to riding after 10+ years as a driver. Moving suburbs in the near future means I need a cheap, efficient way to commute 40km of mostly highway each day. So, I enrolled on a two-day QRide course.

    Day one was spent in a car park, repeatedly stalling during the practice exercises, whilst the challenge was fun the realism of my skill level was dejecting.

    Day two brought about magic transformation whereby I’d become master of the clutch, completing all exercises without issue and becoming eligible for same day on-road assessment. Any other traffic instilled a sensation of supreme vulnerability but I was content on the empty road sections. What felt like 15 minutes of riding turned out to be an hour and a half. My riding was competent so I am now RE open.

    I now term today ‘day three’ and it brings with it a strange longing for a motorcycle of my own. Bearing in mind this was always the plan, it’s advanced six months’ within 24 hours to the point I’m now watching 6 bikes online and plan to hit the showrooms on the weekend.

    I really hold the desire to go out and ride more, if only to practice and gain confidence. Is this normal? Will it get worse? Can someone lend me money?

  2. Yes
    Um no
  3. Welcome to the funhouse...

    In answer to your questions:
    Yes - but not me. You can always finance a bike, but look at the fine print.
  4. No. It's a disease. Not everyone catches it, but for those who do, it's incurable.

    Yes. Getting a bike will only make it worse. Strangely, so will not getting a bike. So you may as well get a bike.

    No. We need the money for our own treatment.

    Welcome to NR.
  5. As above..

    Welcome to NR..

  6. welcome aboard :] enjoy the rush
  7. good onya mate
  8. Welcome aboard.. enjoy the bike search, there's plenty of threads in "what bike to get" here....
  9. Welcome to the forum
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome. Day four began with my first bicycle commute all week (I cycle because work is only 13kms away, don’t judge me) For the entire cycle, in my mind I was riding a motorbike, trying to stay smooth, keep good position and looking/leaning through the corners.

    As for my first motorbike, the two front runners are Honda CBR500 and KTM RC390 – but it all comes down to how they ride when I eventually get a chance to try them and if there are any flashier bikes in the dealer’s showroom.
  11. When choosing a bike, make sure you sit on them, see how they feel under you etc.

    Do you stand flat footed, or on tippy toes.
    Does the tank feel like its crushing your bits :p
    Do you feel like you're leaning over too much..
    Is the bike going to be for day to day commuting or do you also want to hit the highways and go on weekend getaways and so on.
    Do you want ABS etc.. what gadgets are a must have..

    There's quite a bit to consider when choosing a bike that suits you and your needs.

    For me, I went with the approach of choosing what i wanted in a bike, then looked at bikes that suited that criteria and chose the one I felt most comfortable on and the one that appealed to me.

    Food for thought,
  12. The RC's not bad at all! Managed to go for a brief fling on one the other day.

    I've said this before - choose the bike that stirs your soul, makes you all fuzzy headed and consumes your thoughts on the way home from the test ride.

    Anything else would be lying to yourself.
  13. Some great buying tips, thanks! I won't be rushing to purchase (even though I want to) as I need to finishing paying for our house build first.... I'm certainly going to waste some dealer time this weekend with endless questions and requests :)

    The bike will be a commuter primarily, I'll be doing 2 x 24km trip each day. The route it 2km suburban, 20km freeway, then another 2km suburban so the majority is highway riding. But, I expect some degree of 30kmh filtering/hard-shoulder riding due to traffic conditions.

    Plus, I'd like to ability to go out every weekend or so for a scenic ride. Hence, I leaning towards something sportier with fairings.
  14. That's more or less the riding I do.

    At legal speeds the wind on a naked not really a factor when cruising on scenic rides. Recon also an upright naked is much better at commuting than something with a fairing. But I might be biased on my Duke.
  15. Interesting... A guy I work with rides the 690 Duke and I often admire it, which is what brought KTMs and the 390 Duke to my attention. But once I'd seen the RC, it's so weirdly lovely with it's grey snout and beady eyes that I put naked bikes to the back of my mind.