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Brand New Yamaha MT09 - fuel consumption

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Polly, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. Brand new MT09 delivered on Wednesday (I am absolutely in love)

    It had 0km's on the ODO and showed a full tank. The fuel gauge went down very quickly and by the time the bike had done 50km it indicated low. I filled it up when the ODO was on 66km and it took 9.8L of fuel. The fuel consumption said 6.6L/100km.

    Questions are:
    1) is it just running very rich because its brand new? will it lean out
    2) is the fuel consumption indicator usually accurate?

  2. Not to high jack your thread, but my Benelli 600 does the same L/km with less cc and it is run in.
    There is only one way to get power, and that is petrol on top of piston!
  3. No they dont run rich when new. The fuel guage on my 09 is accurate the f-trip starts to flash with about 225 ks on the clock.It usally takes about 11litres to fill it back up of course it all goes out the window if uv been fangin it.
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  4. All news bikes get pretty poor fuel economy when new until you bed in the rings and the gearbox. Judging by the fuel consumption and how many K's you did tells me the tank wasn't full when you started.
    I would just keep en eye on it until it's fully run in however you'll find it gets better with each tank.
    Get out there and enjoy the new toy.

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  5. Thanks all, Going for a good ride on Sunday morning to Wisemans ferry. Will have a better gauge on it then.
  6. What the gauges show and how much fuel is in the tank is usually correct when the tank is full or empty. In between is anyones guess.
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  7. My MT-09 (I am assuming all) does not have a linear progression on the fuel gauge. It will keep on showing a full tank for aprox the first 80 km and start to lower from there.

    Depending on how I ride I can get anything from 190 to 260 kms on a full tank. It has around 10000kms now.
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  8. Yup +1....

    I've got ~2,000 kms on my girl now.....~5-6 weeks in.

    Last fill was a combination of
    1. Little bit of wheelie practice
    2. Fanging
    3. Commuting (which is sort of fanging for me)
    F-Trip came up when I started her last night on the way home from work, ~160 on the ODO

    Rode ~ 20 km and filled her.

    Took ~ 12L (2 left)

    For a new engine - being rough housed a bit - that ain't bad at all.

    I reckon a loosened motor will give me 200kms commuting easy.

    .....I need to drop oil soon......
  9. It has an 18l tank doesn't it? So if it only took 10l it was still almost half full. My current bike doesn't have a fuel gauge but my previous one did and when it showed low it would still often have 1/3 or more of a tank, when the Gauge went right down to empty then the tank would have 3l or so - still at least 50ks.

    But yes new bikes will use more fuel before they are run in as the engine is still tight hence more friction losses. Your economy will improve as its run in. I'm not sure why the gauge went from full to empty in only 50ks though?

    I was surprised to read one posters response above saying he only gets as little as 190ks from a full tank when I get 350-400 on my Carbueretted gs500 which also has an 18l tank, and that's mostly spirited riding too , I never try to save fuel. But considering the mt-09 makes twice the power of the gs it makes sense :)
  10. 14L tank....

    You might be thinking of the Tracer.
  11. My MT09 does around 18km per liter. It has 5000+ kms on it. I have recorded fuel consumption from the start. I'm used to doing that not actually to watch fuel consumption but as a good way to see if something goes wrong.

    I have noticed that the odo reading is a bit high around 20kmpl.
  12. One other thing to remember is you normally will only get a steady fuel reduction reading when using a perfectly square fuel cell. Most bike tanks are an odd shape to work in with the ergonomics. Using your trip meter is usually the best way to measure between fills however it's not perfect and will be influenced by the right wrist.

  13. My 2014 MT09 has about 15,000km on it now. I'd normally get 180-200km from full to F-Trip then it'll take about 11-12 litres.

    That's with the Akra Titanium system. With the stock pipe I was getting about 220km to F-Trip. I always reset the trip odo with every fill because the fuel guage is pretty useless, it'll stay on full bars until about 100km and then drop like a stone to F-Trip.
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  14. That's great info mate, what kind of riding is that? City riding or twisties etc? I'll set mine today on the big ride and see.
  15. So I filled up today. She took 10.75L and rode 180km since last full. pretty close to what you guys were saying and that seems reasonably normal.
  16. Hate to tell u this mate but u brought a lemon. I'll give u $3k for it
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  17. Ya that seems normal