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Brand new tyres and how to wear them in?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by hotdog, May 16, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,
    dont know whether this is the right place to post this but here it goes... Bought a brand new GSXR 1000 arriving tomorrow or tuesday. Just want to know if anyone has any tips about preperation/use for the new tyres on the bike. Or any suggestions on how my riding style should be and for how long with the new tyres...? I have heard and seen numerous incidents of people dropping there bikes with brand new tyres and i dont want this to happen with me. Just asking all you guys out there if u have any tips on how to get down to the good grip of these tyres as i know they have a coat of some sort on them?

  2. I got my brand new bike on Saturday. I rode it just like normal except took it easy in the corners, gradually builing up the pace. Just be 'aware' is what I'd recommend.

  3. Hey 'hotdog' how did you get to Gixxer Thou level without scrubbing in a set of new tyres ? 8-[
  4. Always bought second hand bikes so never really had to scrub in a new set.....
  5. Thanks Simon, I will take your advive :D
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    Hey Hotdog, Don't do this;


    cheers George.
  7. Woah! you must go through bikes (or do very little km)!
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    I'd cry like a bloody baby
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    Hey George.
    Thats why i asked lol. I sort that video and didnt know whether to laugh or cry, thats why i was asking here for some advice :D
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    Feel sorry for that guy, he wasn't even doing anything stupid.

    This guy however [url="](another youtube link)[/url] I think it's funny as hell. Skip to 4:55 for a laugh.
  11. ROFL!!!!! hahahaahaha thanks lucifer that made my night
  12. Something similar is probably why patr1 is off the road at the moment.
  13. i watched the whole video, the crash at 455 was the icing on the cake. This guy in the video was such an idio and thought it was hilarious in court him trying to flirt with the judge. lol great vid
  14. wot a spanner.......

  15. OP: I've heard suggestions of using steel wool (or an equivalent) to scrub down and roughen the tires. Haven't used this technique myself so hopefully someone else has first hand info.
  16. I would imagine that it would take longer to do that properly than go for a single decent ride by which you slowly increase your pace and lean angle. IMO there is not point - the ride home from the tire shop aught to do it.

  17. If you can't work out for yourself how to ride on suboptimal tyres without binning it, you've no business being anywhere near a sports litrebike.
  18. the trick is getting the heat into the tyre, sure the first intial times the rubber touches the road it will be slippery but to get them working properly you need heat.

    when i put the front on i did:

    jumped on and rode out the driveway, rode around 300m then went for the front brakes and just lightly used them. then accelerate and brake again getting harder. then did it a third time and just went braking to the limit of the tyre and it was gripping properly. then just rode around normally and that was the end of that.

    on the rear i did:

    jumped on and rode out the driveway, accelerated easily then just braked with the rear brake only, gradually increasing pressure until it nearly locks and do that a few times. then just turned the throttle right around and accelerated hard and braked hard a few times. this got the tyres nice and warm.

    after doing those initial things i hit up some average corners at a moderate pace then built up from there.

    whole process didn't take very long, couple of kays max but it doesn't hurt to take it easy for a bit if you aren't that confident.
  19. thanks for your idiotic input. Isnt this forum all about asking for advice? not copping critisicm of people like YOU who dont even know me??? i asked these people for advice, and i thank them for the advice they have given me. if u dont have input that will help, dont bother with your petty comments trying to stir people up. its people like you who stop people from asking questions that they are not sure of, I had an idea how to scrub in tyres but was asking for some other suggestions of more knowledgeable riders... get a life thanks and stop criticising people for using this forum for what its main purpose is, putting other bikers together in the one place to help each other out.
  20. Suggesting that it might be an idea to already know how to ride smoothly and not push the envelope when everything is not 100% before swinging a leg over a modern sports thou is hardly petty. Pretty sensible in fact.

    Not particularly tactful I'll admit, but I'm old enough to have seen a few people get in waaay over their heads and suffer far more painful results than the words of a mean old man with a low tolerance for those whose wallet and ego appears to outstrip their experience by a fair margin.

    Enjoy your new bike.