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Brand New Sachs 150cc Road Bike for $1,990 - not a misprint!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Waxski, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Ok so I know I've previously put a post on about this bike after I heard about it but today I actually saw them finally at the dealer. All I can say is for $1,990 it is a pretty excellent value bike with a comfortable upright riding position. 12 month warranty to boot. OK so it isn't the hotest looking bike out there but again being half the price of the competition it is great value and quality for a beginners bike or cheap commuter. Looking at the quality of the Yamaha in comparison there is not a huge difference. Looking it over it can be easily converted into a naked if you are a bit handy. Not sure about the design rules on that but talking to the dealer you can at least take the side indicators off and put stubby ones on for a more classic look. And you might want to look at replacing the front tyre for something that can pump more water out. But even with those improvements its still heaps cheaper. For all those in the market for such a bike and are looking at the CBR125, Scorpio, Zongshen, Arquin which are at least $2,000 more I'm interested what you think. I'll be buying one.

  2. G'day Waxski,

    Sounds great. Just wondering which dealer you saw it at, and whether any dealers in Melbourne have them yet?
  3. Check out the previous thread at

    Look for a Sachs dealer who sell the MadAss (a favourite around these forums) and they should also stock these bikes.

    If all else fails contact the Sydney distributor but usually scooter dealers stock the Sachs as the MadAss also comes in a 50cc automatic.

    150cc 4 stroke so its not the most powerful out there but I think too much emphasis is placed on learners buying a 250 when they might not feel comfortable with the size or power of the bigger bikes - my female friends who ride could attest to this. There is no shame in starting small. My 250 Across felt too big for me like the bike was boss - heavy with the 4 cylinders but I'm happy with a smaller bike. I also rode a cruising scooter (settle down no bagging me out now - 50cc are heaps popular over here cause you can ride on a car licence - even young cooler guys with "the image" ride them). With such a cheap bike I can have one of each again - had to sell them when we moved over. I'm only small anyway 175cm tall at 68kg.

    Available in rich red with a deep clearcoat lustre or matt charcoal grey almost black - attached a pic of matt grey but the Oz version has just a straight up black seat and the stickers look like they can peel off the matt grey - they are under the clearcoat on the red. Pic of matt grey attached.

  4. I wonder what ORC on that would be... about $500 - 600, I guess? I hate this ORC business, I wish dealers/manufacturers were forced to quote the final, out-the-door figures only. ORC create a lot of uncertainty about the final cost, accounting as they do for at least 20% of the price. Grrr....
  5. Waxsi if you are doing a stealth/virus release for this bike, well done mate; mission accomplished. :wink: If not then Sachs owe you a couple of beers at least. :wink:

    The time of the throw away bike is well and truly here, chinese quads and dirt bikes and now the Sachs. Shit $2,000 that would only buy 3 suits! And you replace suits every 12 to 24 months.
  6. looks like a CB250 with a big head!

    would be a nice 'round town commuter though
  7. The Chinese have come a long way, all the way to 1982 :LOL:
  8. Re: Brand New Sachs 150cc Road Bike for $1,990 - not a mispr

    Waxsi, I don't expect you to answer this as you haven't to date. But which dealer did you see it at??? :wink:
  9. I was in Ringwood oogling at a Triumph Bonneville T100 today and after that saw a few "Sachs FN150" at a1 Ringwood, 3 red ones and a black one. This bike is not as well built as the Madass but is quite ok. I noticed the handlebars are actually better finished than the ones on the Honda cbr125r. Also the only thing referring to SACHS is a decal on the tank :grin: One of the red ones was going through pre-delivery.
  10. cb250goespop
    Well the ORC were about $400 with 6 months rego....but this would depend on each state as to how much rego is.

    v h l
    Yes I did like the quality set up on the handlebars and I thought they did have a better finish than the CBR125. You are right....not quite as well built as the MadAss but still not bad compared with the Scorpio.

    Go the 80's retro look. Its those wheels.....haven't seen them on a bike for ages.

    Saw them at Scootamoto in Perth - yes a scooter dealer. Just bought a 50cc Bolwell Shark from them for my wife - bigger scooter designed for a 150cc motor but they put a 50cc motor in so you can ride in on a car licence.....just like what they do with the MadAss - 125cc manual or 50cc auto. They gave me the heads up that Sachs were about to bring out this cut price model.

    And no I'm not affiliated with any bike dealer. I was just excited to share the news with everyone cause I, like many others when looking for a learner bike, was sick of the over inflated prices of older second hand bikes just cause they are a 250cc or comply with the learner restrictions. Having the choice of being able to actually buy a brand new bike for $2,000 with warranty for your leaner period is a great option - and not too much power to get into trouble. When on my L's I bought a Suzi Across project bike for a cheap price and then found parts on ebay for it....but it was alot of stuffing around. Also given that I have a scooter I don't want an expensive bike.

    My main frustration was that I saw so many cheap Chinese bikes for off road work but none of them were ADR approved for on road use. I was hoping one day one of the Chinese companies would do a road bike at a similarly cheap price. Traditionally as soon as the bike is approved for on road use they charge thousands more - I couldn't see the value.
    I take my hat off to Sachs for cutting their profits to bring out such a bike at such a good price - it may hurt the second hand market or it might readjust the prices to give learners or those on a budget more choice if they want a learner Japanese bike.

    So thats why I am sharing the info with as many as possible cause there are many learners on the site and others on a budget. Plus for a commuter when you leave it in the city you don't worry so much about idots pushing you bike over for fun when drunk on a Friday night (seen it before) - now if it was my nice new $10,000 bike I think I would cry - much the same way some idot side swiped both doors on my Subaru Outback in the carpark the other day with no note....some people!!!!!!!

    Yeah I reckon the importer does owe me a few beers....or a discount when I buy mine.
  11. Thanks mate and yep he does.

    Even if not many people buy this bike it will put pressure on the big 3 to look at what they can do. We are already seeing them react with Scorpio, CBF250 and a lower price on the GPX250. So competition is good as long as I win! :LOL:

    Godd stuff Waxsi.
  12. Saw one last night on Get Away. They did a segment on volenteer work in a province in china helping Pandas and in one of the shots, there it was!!!

    With those colours posted, I actually don't mind the look of it at all. Only thing to turn me off is it is a 150cc and would probably not sit on 100 km/h?

    Great for someone if they were looking to buy a 50cc scooter and could buy this instead.
  13. Guys,

    I had a look at one of these at Eurotune in Queanbeyan yesterday. They were in the middle of he predelivery of the bike they intended to use as a demo.

    The guy doing the predelivery (Anders) was really helpful. I do't really know much about bikes but it looked much better up close than in the photos.

    The rideaway price (without haggling, but how much margin could there be in a bike this cheap) was $2700 with ACT or NSW rego.

    Time will tell how good they are but at that price with a 12 month warranty they may suit some people down to the ground.

    I'm guessing if they don't fall apart you may be able to sell one for $1000 after 12 months having not spent a cent on repairs just servicing.

    I think if you were considering a postie or even a scorpio have a look at one of these.

    Just my 2 cents

  14. That's the roadster. It's German-made and has a 650cc (Suzuki) engine in it, which is why it costs more than a Chinese 150.
  15. Ok I thought it was a 250cc but thats a good price for a 650cc. I guess they are not going to be making this model anymore as the bikes will be made in china now?
  16. I think so. Have heard that the German part of the company had folded and so all that's left now is the Chinese part. Not sure if this is true or not though.
    Edit: Of course there's always the possibility the roadster might reappear with a Chinese built engine.
  17. I think they already stopped making them a while ago.

    I'm not quite sure what happened to Sachs, the company. I heard they went under, and were bought by the Chinese. What it means, exactly, to the actual manufacturing in Austria I have no idea. Quite possibly the only thing that will live on from Sachs might be the brand name, and maybe a small design team somewhere... which would be sad. Sachs might not a household name down here, but it was a company with a long history.
  18. Has anyine ridden one of these yet??
  19. Picked My Sachs Up Last Friday

    Yes I put my money where my mouth is and bought my Sachs 150 Road Bike last Friday - didn't even take it for a test ride first. OK so it is not quite the same quality as the MadAss or Jap bikes but out of the Chinese bikes I have seen it is pretty good build quality. And everytime I think that I only spent $2,000 on this brand new bike with 12 months warranty I can't wipe the smile off my face.

    Performance wise it is pretty nippy - although being a 150cc you do need to change gears a bit more. As a commuter bike it is brilliant, easy to flick around and manoeuvre. Great for city work, rat runs and stop start traffic. Haven't given it a fistfull as trying to run it it nicely so haven't been on the freeway but will look at doing so with a few more kms - very comfortable at 80km so I don't think 100km will be any problem. It is also very smooth for a single cylinder. Even the dealer took it for a ride to check it out and was very impressed at how smooth it was. I've heard people have been hotting them up already and are getting 140km out of them.

    The red paint looks great with a deep clear coat. So the graphics aren't the hotest but I'm going to buy some Oxford paint protection black vinyl sticker sheet and cut out some stickers to cover the graphics. The black is a matt and you can peel the stickers straight off cause it has no clear coat whereas the red has a clear coat over the top of them. Another improvement will be changing the front tyre. It is very sticky but doesn't have diagonal water dispersion channels so I don't want to push it when it gets wet and prefer to have a better front. I can get a Michelin for $69 to replace it so its a cheap option....the rear tyre is great.

    After riding a cruising scooter so long I just have to keep reminding myself that the rear brake lever on my cruising scooter is now the clutch lever on my bike (yes I stalled it pulling up after my first ride :oops:).

    This bike is great for a learner or as a cheap commuter. Good power to weight ratio can help learners build their road craft first without too much power to get into too much trouble. Also some riders may find a 250cc too big as I have in the past (my Suzi Across) so this 150cc may be a great option for those of us smaller in stature.

    First impressions I am very happy with it. I will keep you informed on any issues that arise.