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Brand New Rider Bris!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by shandangles, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Hey Guys!!

    Just introducing myself as I've recently moved to Brisbane and just got my bike license.

    Have just brought myself a brand spanking KTM 390 DUKE as my first bike, So far so good, ive only done 50kms or so so time will tell but fingers crossed!

    Feel free to let me know where some good places to ride are as i currently have no clue at all!!!!

    I look forward to meeting and riding with you guys in the near future!!


  2. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. I think the KTM would be a real hoot to ride.
  3. Welcome to NR
  4. Welcome to NR Shannon, great bike choice. Once you've got the hang of the roads a good beginners run is down to Canungra and back, not too challenging for starters but enjoyable. Once you feel ready for some twisties you can try Mt. Tamborine, Beechmont, Mt. Mee, Mt. Nebo and then Mt. Glorious. Best to find someone to do those with first time though I think. Other good roads can be found South west of Beaudesert, around Somerset dam, Sunny hinterland also for longer rides and don't forget over the border in northern NSW - some of the best rides and beautiful scenery.
  5. Welcome to NR Shannon. Enjoy the forum and have a responsible blast on your ktm :)
  6. Welcome to the forum mate.

    I had / still have a hoot on my Duke 390 every now and again. Love the bike to bits! (Even doing my next track day on her to brush up on my corner speed).

    Any mods planned?
  7. Thanks for the replies guys!!!

    Ill be busy for a while riding to all those places!!!!

    No real exciting mods, just generic stuff like Radiator guard, axle sliders/bobbins,either a crash bar or frame sliders and a tail tidy, but being a 2015 model i'm not sure which Tail tidies will fit as they all say "To suit MY '12-'14 only" but then they mention US models so not sure yet. A bit more research is required.

    Cheers again :]
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