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BRAND NEW Newbie just got my 1st bike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Woodlea Park, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. OK OK Yes I may be crazy :confused: :shock:

    After 15 years I am going to get my Learners again.
    In my whole 30+ years of life I have ridden many a crazy horse but all up I have 2 days Motorcycle riding experience (2 day L plate course at HART) and on the back of a dirt bike once..... Oh and a few goes on my 7yo's pee wee 50 and quad

    Hubby (52) has done zillions of years trail bike riding and some road riding and now he is in a position to buy another road bike (Virago 750 or 1100 with gold trim) Some how I have managed to get my bike first (arrived today our 18yr anniversary) and I don't even have my license yet...... Whoops:eek:

    But I have sat on her tonight and she is gorgeous and I can't wait to learn to ride again :X3:

    Wish me Luck ! Look out Nth East Vic (Benalla area, I will be the one doing 60kmph LOL

  2. Hi and welcome Woodlea Park, nice anniversary prezzie you got there! Look out for some rides planned for around NE Victoria later in the year, hope you and hubby can join in and meet up with a few other Netriders(y)

    Enjoy :)
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  3. Welcome Woodlea Park,
    You have the best incentive to get your license now. Riding up and down the driveway just won't do. ;)
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  4. Congrats on getting the bike :)
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  5. Hello
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  6. Welcome to NR, Woodlea! Enjoy your ride.
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  7. Welcome. I lived in Benalla for a good portion of my teenage years in the late 70's early 80's and go back there a couple of times each year to catch up with my brother (he lives in Bendigo) when he races at Winton.
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  8. Good luck, Woodlea! Enjoy life on 2 wheels :)
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  9. Thanks everyone for the great welcome.
    I am all set now. Went to AMX in Melbourne today. Bought kevlar jeans a jacket gloves and boots. Also our 7yo a jacket and road helmet for when she's 8 so she can go for a ride with hubby. Also grabe a dirt helmet for me and one of each for hubby as his Shoei is getting old......
    On the way home picked up a kawasaki 100 for me to practice on around the farm.
    I have booked in for a 2hr introduction course at ride smart in 2 weeks. Will practice in the paddock then arrange my L's. Cant wait to ride the virago.

    Poor hubby is the one that is licensed and he is still trying to find his virago 1100. ... poor hubby

    Cheers Colleen
  10. Welcome, the little Virago is a nice little machine, I have two friends who have like you come late onto the motorcycling scene and both have little Intruders, nice machines to learn on. Take care and ride safe.
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  11. Thanks everyone
    I will reach my goal eventually
    Hubby bought me a Kawasaki 100 to ride around the farm to develop skills and confidence
    He finally found a virago 1100 and bought it last night so can eventually ride together
    We went to AMX Sunday so I now have all the safety gear

    I am motivated to learn as one day I want to progress to maybe a trike
  12. welcome and enjy the ride, it's all about the ride, keep smiling like we all are :) be safe :)
  13. Welcome to NR!

    Nothing wrong with that - priorities lol!
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  14. Well I made it through my 2 hour intro lesson, managed to corner and got to 3rd gear...... I am booked in for my L's on the 25 August...... I suck at the slow ride, wobble all over the place..... will have to get out on the Kaw 100 and practice on the weekends

    Most exciting I got to ride my virago for the first time when I got home around the driveway... will take a bit of getting use to the position as opposed to the cb125 I am learning on..... but so excited and nervous.....
  15. ride the rear brake when doing slows
    ride the clutch as well.
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  16. welcome woodlea park, all the best with your different tests, didn't think there would ever be another benalla biker on netrider, great to here.
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  17. Thanks heaps. I will practice on the kv100 at home due to the similar riding position. I need to get my balance as I am the one that wobbles like I got zapped by the electric fence lmao
  18. Great. Hubby has tried to join but has had issues with the site. I did too but it seems fine now. If you see a real slow virago 250 around town in a month or so with no idea GET OUT OF THE WAY for your own safety lmao.... just be patient with me.

    Maybe one day we can ride together
  19. hi woody, we all have issues with the site ,,, well some more than others
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  20. No probs, l am sure our paths will cross some day (y)