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Brand new loves!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bond Girl, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. So who's got a brand new Kwaka 1200 to cuddle up to? Even if it is GREEN!

  2. Will Vic's scooter painted green do ?Or better , paint Vic green :LOL: .
  3. Shrek/Vic yeah I can see the connection but beep wrong, please try again! p.s please wait until after my suspension! pmsl!
  4. nah not vic this time, it is i st sluglie the scabby

    although i got it tonight at 5:30, and i havnt ridden a k on it yet :roll:

    ferried it back to the workshop and then proceded to pull all the crappy hex hed bolts out of it and replace them with 316 stainless allen hed bolts.

    new hadlebars, full exhaust system, led tail lights and indicators, shorty racing levers, tyres and lots of other goodies.
  5. bout time you jumped in it was killing me not wanting to steal your thunder! CONGRATS MATE now your a real aussie with a real aussie debt! welcome to the club mate! wishing you many happy & safe aussie km's! Now about that colour!
  6. Ok , i miss took what you wrote Sue . I thought YOU wanted to cuddle up to one . Congrats on the bike sluglie :D .
  7. Nah mate I'm still happy cuddling up to Bond! But I can't wait to see sluglie on something that doesn't look like a roller skate stuck up his .......
  8. planning on an undersea adventure are we? :LOL:

    congrats by the way... you lucky son of a biatch grrrr...
  9. Yeah baby, sounds like you've got the right idea...any pics?

    Have you lost the rear gard yet?
  10. in the process of renovating the back end at the mo, i will post some picks when this stage of the modifications is done.

    hmmm, gotta find me a bigger rear sprocket
  11. Congrats Slugs!

    Welcome to "The Family" :p
  12. Well Done on the purchase of the Booger green bike

    Cheers 8)
  13. thats metalic booger green if you dont mind.

    trust you dazza :roll: :roll: :roll: :LOL: :LOL: