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Brand new learner coming aboard....

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by steve-waters, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. G'day my name is Steve in case you did not read my handle.

    Just did my learners two weeks ago and since then have been busy draining the bank account....

    I have gone with a 2004 VTR for my fist bike - nice little red guy waiting for RWC to be done tomorrow by the current owner.

    Just finished my gear shopping today - second time at Peter Stevens was there just to get sizes and go to the internet for buying as their service was non-existent last week they excelled at talking to each other not me and I had the credit card armed at the time to spend.

    This week I walked in and was helped straight away by a great lady wish I had her name - but anyway she was great told me my guessing of sizes last week was terrible and then showed me heaps of different gear all of which felt about 100 times better than what I had chosen - PS had my sale saved by her might have paid a bit more but was good to be able to talk to someone (who seemed to understand and also be rider)

    Looking forward to getting on the bike and riding - found the thread for learners practice in Elwood will be heading there soon enough.

    Not being the bravest soul looking to do bit of riding round my street and heading off to a local school car park to get a good feel for the bike then go for an early Sunday morning ride on Beach Road around the Aspendale area.

    Happy riding......I know I will be :)
  2. Welcome to NR Steve. Good idea to do some local riding and car park practice before heading out on the major roads. On weekends, industrial estates can also be good places to practise; they often have wide roads, roundabouts etc.

    When you decide you are ready to come to Saturday practice, give a hoy in the thread if you would like someone to swing by and give you an escort.

    VTRs rock! I had one as my LAMS bike, and they're really popular.
  3. Wow thanks for the offer - might just take you up on that when I am ready.
  4. Welcome Steve!

    Where do you live? If you are not too far from Mulgrave/Rowvile/Chadie we could go together in the evening to some free parking space to have a little bit more of practice before you go out to the wild.

    I'm not an experienced rider by any means, but feel like could help someone as others did help me.
    PM or post on NR if you feel like you need any help or support.
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  5. welcome to NR... see you at practice by the sounds of things
  6. Welcome to NR & to riding.

    +1 to the previous comments. Industrial roads is good place to practice.

    Take it slow and easy.

    Also Elwood is a fantastic place for learners.
  7. Thanks for the welcome guys.

    Wow what a difference a small tweak can make - picked the bike up on Friday night and was in love but having trouble with the gear shift.

    The gap between the shifter and the foot peg was very small and I had to do a twisting motion to get the boot under there which was making it hard to ride - small investigation and a goggle then I adjusted the gear shift up a little bit to make the gap big and OMG.....

    Went for a spin this morning with the lever in the new position riding was so much better not having to think about getting my foot under the lever - went for a roll up Beach Rd at 7am and loved it.

    And yes I agree VTR's rock so easy to ride and the V-Twin is nice and predictable

    Thanks again
  8. Welcome to NR, Enjoy your ride :)
  9. G'Day Bloke
  10. Rode to work this morning along Beach Road - took it easy cruised in the left lane did not over take but did a bit work to make sure I had my space.

    Survival instinct has been developed over few years of push bike commuting and training - obviously different but acutely aware of survival space.