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Brand New LAMS Road Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Vince, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Hi there,

    I am keen on getting a brand new (yes I want brand new, not second hand) LAMS Full faired road bike (not cruiser, naked or dirt bike)
    Budget is around $5-6K (Can be pushed a bit higher if necessary)
    have been looking at the CBR250R vs ninja & a few others
    Any suggestions or ones I should stay away from?


  2. China ?
  3. No point.
    1 you WILL drop it
    2 you WILL drop it

    Don't spend money on something you will not keep for long.

    3 you WILL drop it.

    Save the cash and by something really nice in a few years.

  4. Although there are other options I'd say your only choice is between the Ninja and the CBR.

    Just pick one and start riding.
  5. Buy a VTR250 for 4k, sell it when you get your Ps (R Licence(qld)) for 3k!
  6. Does this budget of yours include gear or have you another budget for that.
  7. Sorry i have nothing to add to help but i to am looking to buy a new FZ6R or XJ6-NL for a first bike, yes thats right! Not wise at all...

    Although at the same time im thinking about the fact that there is a high chance ill drop it and the fact i will loose a fair bit due to depreciation but the reason im looking into going new is that 1. Its new! 2. Its easier for me as its a 6hr trip up and back to buy anything 2nd hand from a dealer if they even have one! 3. I know whats its been through and had done and 4. ive got the money to do so...

    If i do buy one all i can do is hope to dear god i dont drop it!!!
  8. Surely whatever dealer you're planning on buying the new bike from has used ones available, or is it a 6hr trip away as well?

    If it's the latter then I suggest you take into consideration just how many times a new bike might need to go back to the dealer during its "break in" period. It's not just the short initial service intervals, but also all the minor things which may not have been picked up (or stuffed up) during pre-delivery.

    Personally I think there's less risk in a 12 month old bike than a new one - provided you're careful with what you buy.
  9. I am a Ninja girl, loved my 250, took it to QLD and back, great to ride, light and easy to spin around corners.

    Have upgraded to the 650 Ninja as unfortunately the 1000 was too tall for me and could not touch the ground.
  10. Hi Vince.

    Important question. Why?

    Now, I own a (brand) new bike and took the 30% depreciation you expect when wheeling it out the door. What I am interested in is your reason for wanting brand new in a LAMS bike?

    Maybe we can give you other options. If it is just reliability or trust you are after, you're IMHO better off with a 2nd hand jap bike than a new chinese one (which is where your budget is putting you).
  11. Buy new, someone has to. That is why used lams is so expensive because not enough get on the market from new.

    You will be special having one of the new bikes.
  12. Well its a 6hr drive to brisbane (4hrs to Toowoomba) and a 6hr drive back and there is no garantee that they will have either bikes 2nd hand and considering the price quoted by the local Yamaha dealer is pretty much the same as what i was ive seen away.

    Also doesnt help when looking on bikes sales and not finding a FZ6R or 2012 XJ6-NL for sale second hand dealer or private in QLD, If i found one in the next week or so I would grab it. Also im looking at purchasing a Ninja 300 if they are released before i bite the bullet and buy a Yamaha and for that i will definitly have to buy new.

    I do see what you mean tho that a 2nd hand bike has had the rum im period, its had a few Kms put through it, most problems if any from factory have been ironed out.

    Either way insurance is a killer!!!
  13. Maybe he is buying with finance? Harder to get a secured bike loan for a second hand bike. Or you can just get a personal loan or a credit card for a second hand bike.
  14. fixed it for you. Not everyone drops their LAMS bike.

    What will kill you is the resell value you will loose when you try to upgrade. Dont get fooled like I did 2nd hand v new is around the same price I might as well get new. So double check the 2nd hand market.

    When looking for bikes just sit on as many as you can to get an idea what you will be comfortable on this more important then looks of a bike to start with.
  15. You don't have access to a phone and a phone book?
  16. Yes (how else do you think i got quotes?) but its also that fact of getting it back and i refuse to trailer anything after the last fiasco i had trailering a Valiant ute from Brisbane to here (oh the horror!).

    The 2nd price is really good tho, $9,500 for sometihng with less than 1000kms but thats in Dubbo and i assume to freight it would be costly. Also some one has to buy new bikes so that people can buy 2nd hand right?

    I will sit test one before i buy (someone else has a FZ6R here, to bad he doesnt want to sell it!).

    plus im young, dont know any better and get paid a fair bit for my age :)

    Only fear with a new bike is of course dropping it!
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  17. You don't have a train or bus service from where you live to Brissie by any chance?
    I'm sure there'd be no shortage of NRs willing to ride your new bike home for you if you covered the cost of fuel and a trip back ;).

    Might even be someone with a ute/van/truck/trailer willing to help out if you asked, this place is good for that sort of thing.
  18. Yamaha has their little R15 going for $3999 Rideaway.

    It's new, it's LAMS, it's fully faired, and it's under your budget.
  19. I have a ninja and love it. Seems you want a "sports" looking bike, so just try out both the cbr and ninja and see which you feel better on.