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Brand new KTM 500 exc - Crack in engine ?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Muttrider, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. Hey all,

    Got my new 2015 500 exc on friday. Rode it home from dealer, due to it being an hours ride away it is due for it's One hour service.

    Mechanic said he can do it on wednesday, so it's been sitting in the garage ever since. Upon me going in to say hello to my precious, I noticed some oil stains coming through the bash-plate holes. On closer inspection and after removing the bash-plate I noticed some stagnant (uncontaminated) oil clinging to the bottom of several points on the bottom of the engine.

    More disturbing was a fracture in one of the engine extrusions, along with an obvious impact mark where seemingly it had either been dropped during assembly or hit with a large metal object. It would seem almost certain that the impact caused the fracture as they are within 10mm of each other (right where one of the bolts pass through.

    The stagnant oil doesn't appear to be coming from anywhere. Due to it being clean oil suggests it's overflow from the initial fill that the mechanic failed to clean off, But I'm more concerned about the fracture. I have never owned a "new" dirtbike before, So I ask- Is it a common thing to have minor fractures along the bikes engine, especially around the bolt housings ?

    What would be the best course of action from here ?
  2. Ring the dealer and tell them your bringing it back. I would ask them to send someone out to pick it up as u don't really want to ride it like it is. Do u have any pics of the damage ? Alternatively ill give u 3 grand for it
  3. 3+3=6 grand
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  4. take some pics of the damage and of the odometer, then ring the dealer and tell them to come pick it up.
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  5. Thanks for the help guys.

    Dealer is on the way to pick it up.

    I'm kind of regretting this purchase now, it's just a little off-putting when a motorcycle brand can't give their bikes enough credit to go longer than 1 hour before it's first service. I've also been told two pieces of conflicting information about warranty procedure-

    In the manual it states, to be covered by KTM's warranty the bike needs to be serviced by an Authorized KTM "Dealer" - The dealer told me that my warranty will be void if I take it to just an Authorized "Mechanic".

    My mechanic told me that policy is illegal and it can be serviced by "any" authorized "Mechanic" - I dunno who to believe lol.
  6. It may be just one that snuck through the production line.

    As to the warranty, your mechanic is right. It can be services by any licensed mechanic. It's been emphatically stated by the ACCC. The dealer knows this and the fact that he says otherwise indicates he's untrustworthy.
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  7. Oh I see. Thanks much for that ibast.

    I'm currently trying to look up the exact policy statement on the ACCC so I can at least quote it to the dealership.

    Thanks again!
  8. If your talking about the warranty repairs themselves, I'd probably go back to the dealer on that, but generally sevicing, you are righto go where you want.
  9. ACCC General Repair Replace Refund

    From: Motor vehicle Sales and Repair and Industry Guide (PDF)

    Choice of repairer under the consumer guarantees

    Consumers are sometimes confused about the
    differences between the consumer guarantees,
    warranties against defects and extended warranties.

    This is especially the case when dealers and
    manufacturers make broad statements that
    consumers will ‘void their warranties’ or similar if they
    go to an independent repairer (for example, a repairer
    who is not affiliated with the manufacturer or part of
    the manufacturer’s network).

    Any suggestion by car manufacturers or dealers that
    motor vehicles need to be serviced at a licensed dealer
    to maintain the owner’s consumer guarantee rights is
    not correct.
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  10. Warranty with off road competition models is a bit of a gray area,there is a lot of blather about 2 years warranty at the sales time but a fair bit of backing away if you need to apply it.Not saying your going to have trouble especially if its under the bashplate and the bike is clean,not run in the dirt at all.Good luck,keep us posted.
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  11. Sounds like a clear cut case of warranty. The engine was probably dropped during assembly. oops. Just stick it in and hope nobody saw. Assemblers under the pump.

    Let us know how it goes. The only snag you might have is in having removed the bash plate to look. They might want to convince you that (for whatever reason) they think you might have removed the bash plate and did it yourself with the plate off. - Preposterous, I know, but watch for it. This is one that clearly should be dealt with at a higher level - the DP needs to know about it, the importer should, as should the manufacturer. Make sure they "take it up" rather than try to argue about the cause and provide anything in the way of a make do fix.
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  12. Thanks champ, was searching for ages and couldn't find this. Very helpful.

    The guy from the dealership collected the bike just a moment ago. I feel like he was the only person that was on my side. He acknowledged that the bike had never been off-road and immediately spotted the fracture. The manager of said dealership was a little hard to talk to, and a bit abrasive. It could just be that he is fed up with irresponsible people that don't know how to run-in a motorcycle- Old mate that picked up the bike told me they have had lots of issues with not only reckless people, but also KTM bikes themselves.

    To my knowledge, the 2014 model 500 exc had a 3 hour operation cycle before first service, which I assume proved to be problematic. I have to sympathize with them to some degree- it's hard to safeguard your company from idiots.

    Will do mate. Luckily I have every second of the bikes operation on my action-cam, which I offered to share with them for assessment purposes. I was a little irritated at first at the skepticism from the manager, mainly because I treat my bikes like gold and am extremely attentive to a bikes needs, though I do appreciate that they must protect themselves. I guess as far as the video footage is concerned- the proof is in the pudding.

    Best case scenario is that I get the bike back in a day or two, while replacement parts have been delivered to the dealer (providing it's safe to ride in it's current state) Worst case scenario, I have to wait a month to ride it again. :(

    Will update if I learn anything else. Thank again everyone for the great feedback and advice, extremely helpful. :)
  13. Sorry to say,but, if it's the crankcase itself you will be at least weeks. Unless it's a common problem, the local supply chain network won't have those parts on the shelf and they'll have to order them from overseas. And then it's a couple of days to strip it down an put it back togther.

    It could even be a couple of months all told.

    Once they've assessed, ask for a courtesy bike.
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  14. Man, I really hope that is not the case, I have been bursting to ride this thing. I'd be really upset to wait a month or so.

    Just from my observation (as well as the gent that just picked it up) the crack shouldn't cause any immediate issues. He even said it could give problems down the track. Well, here's to wishful thinking.

    Regarding a courtesy bike, I don't know if they would do that, unless they have some old beat-up thing lol. I do still have my road bike to ride, but would not refuse a courtesy dirt bike if they offered. :)
  15. Ask for one if you are going to be without the bike for any length of time. They will try not to offer one.
  16. I'll keep that in mind mate, just don't want to come off as greedy.
  17. It's a new bike. Its not such an unreasonable thing.
  18. Okay, well things took a turn for the worst.

    Just got off the phone with the manager, he flat-out refused to acknowledge there is any crack/fracture on the engine when it's clear as day. He also questioned me as to why he picked up the bike, because there was no leak (this was after the fact that I sent photographs for assessment of the mechanics there and put in bold letter *there is no leak* only stagnant oil)

    Not only was he unaware of the email and pictures of the engine I sent that was requested by his sales rep (7 hours earlier) he still refused to acknowledge anything wrong with the engine. He said there's nothing wrong with it, there is no crack at which point I knew he was diking me around. I requested that someone else look at the engine and pictures at which he refused. He also tried to say that the oil all over the bottom of engine and bash-plate was "coolant" ... yellow greasy coolant ? I replied, and he went off on a tangent about me not speaking to him correctly.

    At this point i'm pretty peeved, and told him if you are not going to do whats right, i'll go through KTM HQ and he hung-up. so Heads-up if you go to Procycles Hornsby, the manager is a crook.

    Here are the photos I sent as requested by sales rep (prior to arrangement of pickup)




    Any advice as to how I deal with this ?
  19. It's hard to tell from that photo if that's a crack or just a surface casting defect.

    The oil could be from someone spilling some whilst filling it.
  20. The fracture is much easier to see with the naked eye, as well as the impact mark with has exposed fresh alloy and is perfectly straight- unquestionably done by a tool or by dropping the engine into a holding bay.

    I did say several times that the oil must have been from the initial fill, both in this thread and to the dealer. That's why I sent photo's so the mechanics had something to go off. What's more is the gent who just picked the bike up saw it immediately and identified it as a crack.