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Brand new GS500F issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ozi83, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. My mate just got a brand new gs500f and started riding (Learner) on Monday but last night he found that he could only start it if he held the throttle quarter to half way and still found it running rough and blowing white smoke.
    He had put the bike down on its side on Monday (he supported the bike as it went down so didn't drop it hard) but he said it was running fine after that.
    He also refilled the tank with unleaded (not E10) from a no name petrol station.
    The bike dealer has suggested he drain the fuel and try again but i just wanted to see if any others had experienced something similar.


  2. If it's brand new then tell him to take it in for warranty
  3. Also recommend a warranty check. It is possible that the engine is flooded or the petcock damaged after the lay-down.

    Its also possible that its n00b error - did he try starting with choke and waiting a few seconds before it warmed up before letting it off?

    Cheers - boingk
  4. Ask ya mate if the smoke smelled oily or fuelly..methinks it might be oil that has found it's way where it dont belong. My service dude said only use unleaded..just the plain stuff not 95 or 98.
    stick to the big companies,Mobil,Caltex,BP or Shell.
    I'd only use the independents if there was noting for the next hundred k's,even then I'd only put half in and use real stuff as soon as possible.
    Get him to get the bike to the dealer..the dealer can pick up for a small fee if the bike wont run or if he cant ride it.
  5. White smoke is oil smoke get it looked at under warranty
  6. Best of luck mate ozi83 and as others have said, definitely take this up under existing warranty.
    Very rarely does one hear of GS500/F problems - they are a solid, reliable bike.
  7. I did a slow drop with mine a month ago, was a little reluctant to start afterwards but once running was ok.

    Sounds like something a lot more serious, get it looked at asap by the dealer..
  8. I'm fairly sure white smoke is unburnt fuel. Blue smoke is oil. I have white come out of mine when I first start too. Just faint but it's still there.

    As others have said, make sure he is using the choke. He might be trying to start the bike in the morning now compared tothe middle of the day when it is warmer. Choke should be on half way to get it started for the first 10 secs or so then notch it down so it idles around 1.5 to 2 and it should purrr just fine from them on
  9. White smoke is usually fuel IN the oil being burnt off (or a mix there of in the cylinders). Sometimes water, but on an air cooled bike id go with fuel :p.
    Has it cleared up? Often when something like that happens itll clear off after 15min or so.

    Otherwise, +123145252345902347 to the warranty check.
  10. Yeah, make sure he's using choke correctly.
    GS500 manual does say to fully put on choke then pull it back to 2-3000 revs as soon as it starts.

    With my gs, it seems happy with the following.
    I put choke about half way if it's really cold, or this time of the year a little less than half, as it turns over, adjust choke to 2-3000 revs, put on gloves, helmet, take off then remove choke a couple of blocks away.
    When starting warm, leave choke off, turn throttle about half way and press the starter as per manual.
    I've had some balmy morning starts where a warm start would have been only needed.
    You quickly get to know your own bike as even same bikes can be a little different to each other.
    Like humans I guess...lol

    If you're still getting smoke that you're concerned over, should be straight back to have it looked over.

    Had a mate once with similar concersn when he started cold, turns out he knew even less about engines that I thought he did as it was only the usual moister steaming out you get on cold starts at times or on cold days...
  11. Thanks for all the advice everyone, I went for a ride with my mate yesterday.
    He ended up draining the fuel and put 95 in and let the bike idle for a while to get rid of the smoke and from then on it has been running fine.

  12. Even though it's fixed I'll reply. Excess fuel is usually black smoke. white smoke is usually oil.

    It is possible that he got oil up in the vent line when he laid it over. this vents into the air box and back into the engine. The oil getting into the combustion explains the smoke and the rough running. Eventually it all burnt off.

  13. I hope you're not a mechanic!
  14. Ok that's something I've not heard of and I'd love to discuss in detail to clarify (I just like to understand). Are bikes different to cars in this aspect as I have always been taught that Blue smoke is oil and the real one to worry about. The other less so but still a problem.

    ibast et al, have at me! 8-[

    ps. I will correct myself and you are right, fuel is black and white is water.
  15. bad oil leaks can be blue, but smaller quantities look more white.

    I've never really associate water in the fuel with any smoke other than black from poor combustion and water getting into the exhaust pipe.

    Water in the oil (remember this is an air cooled bike) may carry over oil to the air box as it evaporates off.
  16. Thanks ibast. So it is still blue and I wasn't going crazy.

    Good point with the aircooled bike. Just so I'm getting this, the only water that could be getting into the engine would be condensation through the airbox then?

    No, you're correct. And you?
  17. The only water that could be getting into the oil (unless you have a leak somewhere).

    Basically the engine crankcase vents to the air box. In most bikes this is from the top of the head. So some oil does get to the air box at times.

    So if you lay the bike over, or if the rings wear, then oil blows into the airbox and then is sucked into the carbies (or FI).
  18. gs500 are bullet proof mines laid down for a rest twice now, once on a big hill with top of bike facing down hill.

    and not had a problem .
  19. I thought white smoke was a new Pope.
  20. black smoke is a dead pope.