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Brand new CBR1RR / 33km / Rear-end, what now?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mini-monster, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. After 8 years of riding my trusty VTR250, I decided to get a new bike. Pickup the Fireblade from Sydney City MC yesterday, took the long way home, stopped behind a row of cars who have slowed then stopped because there was a trailer protruding from the footpath, I slowed.. stopped.. then BANG, rear ended by a red P-plater in a Targo.

    Damage: sub-frame bend, RHS fairing scratched, RHS mirror, exhaust bend, tail cowl damaged, rear brake light gone, plate holder gone, RHS engine case damaged.. etc.

    So, the person at fault is with NRMA.. has anyone dealt with them? The bike is literally 33km old and insured for $16990. Does this mean they will try to repair it? and if so, how can they guarantee there isn't any damage to the chassis etc?

    - My first motor accident ever, motorcycle or otherwise..

    I'm really stressing out, I don't want a repaired new bike.

  2. That is shit. Your insurance should have new for new - (Swann does). Check your PDS and go through with them, and take it to good smash repairer for the quote - if it unsafe they won't fix. You are not at fault, you don't need to capitulate to NRMA's unreasonable requests.
  3. If there are any scratch's on the frame and it will be a write off, just saying.
  4. Yeah I'm going through the PDS right now. My concern with going through my insurer instead of NRMA is that AAMI will be tight about it and try to repair it.. or do I have it the other way round? and I SHOULD go through AAMI?
  5. Unfortunately, if it is repairable, it will be repaired. full stop.

    Why pay for comp insurance if you don't make the fuckers do the legwork for you and chase the other insurer. They all want to spend as little as possible. Like I said, the key is a good smash repairer, who will fix it properly.
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  6. G'day everyone,...

    Why can't you sue him personaly,...?

    You bent it!
    You bought it!

    But 33klm old,..
    Damn, you have my sympathys mate!

    Dr Who?
  7. got pics?
  8. Sounds like you'd need to have more damage (behond cosmetic) to get a write-off. The shop and the insurance company will sort it, but ring the assisstant in charge of your claim, and express your demands to have all the parts replaced with new.
    The shop will take a good look at, as their job is to make money. Bigger repair bill, more money. Assessors job is to verify their quote, maybe even add stuff, or deduct.

    After the assessment call the service manager, and ask him to go through what has been agreed by Swann etc.
    Bird-dog everyone. Go to the shop if you can and ask how its going. If you don't agree with something speak with the assessor directly.

    For example...if a replacement fairing was going to be 8 weeks, depending on the damage, they may decide to repair the damaged one. It's up to you...wait or repair! Tell them you want to wait, so you get NEW parts going on the bike. They will proceed their way, unless you are following rhe repair.
    DON'T be a pita to the service manager. You really don't need to have him pissed off at you, for obvious reasons.
  9. You have to give the frame a fairly good whack with a ball peen hammer to write them off. At least stress the metal. A scratch wont do it.
    The service manager is who's ear you want to get and be nice to him. He will do the quote on the bike. From memory a seventeen grand bike is going to have to have over twelve to be a write off. Absolutely not sure though. Different companies have their own figure maybe.
    So Mr service manager will do the quote and you want him to R/R everything and bang as many hours as he thinks he can get away with.
    Then he has to dance with the assessor. Who will try and cut his quote back by about twenty percent.
    So there ya go. ride it like you stole it and stop for no one ha ha
    Cough cough you didn't mention a rear rim and tyre :) Exhaust cat cough cough.
  10. man, that sucks... 33ks old! unreal bad luck that...

    If the person that hit you is insured, go through your own insurance and get them to chase everything. Just be like, this person (details included) hit me, did all this effing damage. Fix it for me please. You go cut his nads off as payment for said damage.

    They may ask you to pay the excess, however, that should all be covered by the person at fault's insurance.

    Good luck with it and keep us posted.
  11. Feel your pain mini-monster. 33km old, that has to suck!!! Hope you are ok though. I hope for your sake it is written off so you can get a new one or worse case it gets fixed to better than it was when you bought it...
  12. Thanks guys, it comes down to the following really:
    (1) I make my claim through my insurer (AAMI) and lose my $1300 in premium
    (2) I deal with the at-fault party's insurer (NRMA) myself.

    What do you think?
  13. My opinion - NRMA (used to work with their underwriters they are better than most) have a reasonble rep over AAMI, not your fault, go through his insurance...just saying
  14. What makes you think calling your insurer to deal with it will cost you anything? When someone knocked over my baby I just called my insurer and put in a claim detailing the party at fault. My insurance goes after them / their insurance and gets the money but I don't wait. That's why I pay them.
  15. what phil said ;) if its a rear ender, its a not at fault claim, therefore it wont affect your rating, providing you have drivers details etc?
  16. Well if it is a write off (please please please) and I went through AAMI, that would be the end of my policy and since I'm only into my second day of it, and I lose the balance of the premium. Else if I go through the other guy's insurer I can cancel my policy and get a full refund.

    Any experience with NRMA assessors/repairers?
  17. I think you have a number of false assumptions there.

    Using an NRMA repairer will be a condition for their policy / vehicle and not something they can enforce on a 3rd party.

    If you get a replacement bike then the premium you have paid AAMI will cover it, you will not lose what you've paid, you are just using them (AAMI) as a tool to get paid out by the other party.
  18. and you should be refunded 99.7%(roughly lol) if you do decide to cancel your premium. its a not at fault claim, pretty straight forward it seems seeing as they are insured. give aami a call and stress its a not at fault claim, you have their insurer, their license number and name address and stuff it seems as basic as a not at fault insurance claim can be?
  19. why not have the existing insurance with AAMI transffered to the replacement bike you will get that the other persons insurance company will pay for ? I am sure they can change the policy easily especially if its for the same make model of bike - its just a matter of changing the VIN number etc on the policy

    You should not in any way be penalised or be out of pocket $$$ wise for the accident as you have zero % contribution negligence to the accident.

    If you are going to loose your $1300 premium then the NRMA should pay for that as well and I would ensure that they do as your insurance company should also do