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brand new bike speedo dont work

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by stopnlook, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. picked up brand new cbr 600rr 08 model today rode it away and speedo doesnt work took back to dealer and they cant find problem

  2. Leave it at the dealers till they do figure it out...
    If you want it back real quick, demand a loan bike...:LOL:
  3. not a bad idea i spose its betterthan having no bike
  4. License to speed then, get a letter from the dealer saying they can't find the speedo fault and go nuts. "Sorry Officer I didn't know I was exceeding the limit" ;)
  5. Define doesn't work.
    Is it just out? Most makers will have the speedo show a higher speed then what you are doing. Think about 8% is that avg
    Or does it go blank?
  6. How is it brand new AND an 08 model?

    They've had that stock around for a while :/
  7. lol the speedo says 0kmh, its new because it hasnt been sold before and i would rather have a new 08 plated model than a second hand 2010 model
  8. ditto :)
  9. By speedo, I assume you mean odometer.

    Of course, if the speedo never goes above 0kph, neither will the odometer, no matter how far it's ridden :wink: :)

    But I'm being facetious, and you are replying to both of us - it sounds like it is the first time has been sold, therefore the dealer should fix and don't take 'no' for an answer!
  10. (forgive me this indulgence..)

    That's what you get for buying a Hyos.... oh wait.



    stopnlook: best of luck with getting the issue resolved.

  11. hmmm id be suss about that, i know of a few places that disconnect the speedo on their demo bikes, so when its time to sell, they say its brand new
  12. good point Goz

    hey do you ever sleep ?
  13. Sleep is for the weak.
    (and im on nightshift myself :p).
  14. prob is dealer and honda cant find problem question is how did it even get out of factory with such a huge problem, they have replaced all sensors wiring loom dash and computer problem still, there finance been signed should demand newest bike they got dont think they would be able to source a new 08 anymore
  15. does it show the odometer - how many k's you've done??

    or is it only what speed you're traveling that doesn't show up?
  16. doesnt show how fast im going or put any kilometers on the clock either
  17. I once rode a brand new GSX-R600 that was intended for demo use and it didn't have an 'enabled' speedo or odo. Apparently it gets turned on when they do predelivery.
  18. I'd return the bike and get a new one with working k's... that sounds mighty dodgy!