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Brand new bike, running in period help

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Reggy, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Okay so I just picked up my new bike and stuck it on the trailer for the 2hr drive home.

    The owners book says too do max 4000rpm for the first 800km

    Problem with that is I want to ride to work and will need to do about 90km/h and 4000rpm is only 60km/hr in highest gear.

    Any advice on this?
    Doing 800km @ 60k/h is going to take forever.

    Oh it's a Kawasaki z300 so same engine and what not as a ninja 300

  2. Just pin it - you've got a warranty ;)
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    The first 1000 kms are more important than the next 20000. Do yourself and your bike a favour and run it in properly. Go for a long ride after work every day. It won't be forever. The excess metal from all moving parts gets worn off into your oil/ gear oil so be sure to change your fluids/filters soon after wearing the bike in.

    Or consider changing out the sprocket for a higher top speed/ lower revs. The price of a new sprocket is smaller than the price of a new engine.

    Also if your regularly riding at high speeds you will find a sprocket change to be beneficial anyway.
  4. There are differing schools of thought on running in and the argument is never going to be settled.

    However 800 km is not too far and won't take too long to knock it off if you decide to go by the book. No matter how you do it, while running in you should be giving your engine a bit of variation, don't just do 800 km at 4000 rpm.

    On a side note, and not specifically aimed at you ReggyReggy, I often wonder if questions like this are simply the OP looking for popular agreement in support of doing what they have already decided to do.
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  5. My advice is to avoid any highway riding as constant revs no matter what RPM is bad news for a running in engine, you want a variety of revs, up/down etc, also avoid loading up engine & over revving, just ride back streets giving it low load with varying revs for fist 800-1000km, the engine will last longer & have more power for its overall life then.
  6. What others have said, if in doubt by the book....with the added clauses,
    * its far more important not to make the engine labour (excessive load ie. low speed, high gear )
    * vary the engine speed thru the available rev range.
    * do not delay the first service and ensure that both oil filter and the engine oil is changed, as well as all the other checks and adjustments done correctly.
    ( don't just assume that the stealer will do it properly, check everything...enough horror stories in these pages to fill a novel. )

    Don't know that I agree with making the gearing taller, the baby ninja's thrive on a few revs to give them their general 'zippyness'.
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  7. That disclaimer is on everything, take it easy the first 50km. After that your fine however just varying the load around. My advice would be to take it upto your local mountain ranges and spend a couple of hours learning your new bike. This will be beneficial for both you and the bike.

    -Babying the engine and keeping it at excessively low rpm for extended amounts of time is the worst thing you can do. Saying this, don't bounce it off the rev-limiter to showoff...even once its broken in.

    -If you're taking it to work, keep off the freeways if you can and give it a nice workout through all the gears.
  8. I agree that ninjas arnt super torquey to run tall gearing and still remain super zippy but if the op is just going to ride at 90 kph against better judgement taller gearing might be something to consider, particularly if op is going to be doing lots of highway miles into the future
  9. Changing sprocket?

    Lot of effort when it is easier to simply clock up 800 Km. You'd probably have 800Km ridden before the new sprocket arrived
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  10. Just ride the bike and enjoy it,change the oil after 500 or 800 km.:woot:
  11. True. 4000rpm isn't exactly revving it's box off. Just do as others have said, spend time riding it, enjoy riding your new toy around getting the feel for it take it easy on it, once it's worn in do whatever. Being able to wear in a new bike the way you see best is part of the reason to buy a brand new bike anyway
  12. And whatever the best way is to run in a bike, it's probably not commuting.
  13. Okay thanks for all the advice guys! Looks like I'll be driving to work untill I clock up some Kay's on the bike.

    It's all 80,90,100 zones on my way to work. No traffic. So the bike will just be sitting in the same revs for the 30mins/30kms
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  14. FFS, Reggy, If you had loaned me yer Boike when you started this Thread I would have it ran by now.
    Just ride the thing as normal.
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  15. full throttle - max engine brake down to 10kph - rinse/repeat
    trust me, i have never broken more than 3 engines
  16. Oh also. Is there anyway to adjust low beam headlights? Can't see shit hey
  17. And only owned 3?
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  18. There's prolly an Adjustment in there somewhere.
    if that fails, Get yourself a real Big Fat Heavy Girlfriend.
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  19. That may upset run in procedure.