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brand new bike - negotiating the best deal

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by flashfire, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    I just put down a deposit for a brand spanking new bike which should be delivered to me sometime after I get off my restrictions. Graphite Triumph Daytona 675. :grin:

    Having never purchased a new anything before, I'm after some advice on how to squeeze the most from the dealer, within reason of course. :)

    How do I go about reducing the ride-away price, and getting some free inclusions? I ideally want alarm/immobiliser, personalised number plate and first service free plus other stuff I have yet to think of.

    I don't know how to play hardball, especially since the dealer has the upper hand regarding the supply/demand with this particular bike. If I don't want it, there are dozens of people in line after me willing to pay full price....

    Any gun "closers" out there want to help me out? :cool:
  2. Id suggest taking someone with you with experience bargaining if your not confident. Although it sounds like its too late to bargain now as it should be done before you leave a deposit..
  3. Yup .. you've agreed to buy the bike at the agreed price. No reason for them to haggle with you, as they already have the sale.
  4. hard to bragian if y have already left the deposit

    Hi, dude. you'd better to negotiate the price before givin the deposit. if you did not agree upon anything, it is still possible to bargain
  5. It's funny, you should pay what you are happy paying.

    There will always be someon who gets a better deal, has some free inclusion etc...but are you happy with what you've paid?

    As a rule, I've never paid 'on road costs'. Apart from rego and stamp duty, all other costs are theoretical costs the dealer can deduct. Sometimes they'll quote absurd PDI costs, at their inflated labour rates to make some extra margin. I've had car dealers double the PDI cost and then offer an extra 5% discount to make them look generous. All total rubbish of course and all one big game.

    Unless the manufacturer is offering dealer discounts, I don't think they have too much in the way of latitude to move, especially on a bike that seems to be in demand. What you can often get is discounts on the stuff they can control the price of, such as servicing, spares, clothes etc..It depends on whether you want a relationship sale, where you get treated well and benefit from long ongoing savings or whether you want to screw the dealer the hardest? It's a cliche, but win-win really is a good way to do business.
  6. Thanks for that guys.

    The dealer doesn't actually have my $500 yet.... nor have I signed anything. Triumph apparently require a buyer's name prior to shipping the bike to a dealer, so my $500 is an "option to buy". Due to the fact that I don't have that dosh til Thursday, the dealer put my name down in good faith that I will provide him with that cash when I get paid on Thursday.

    Is it at that point that I negotiate something? Or is it when I am presented with a contract when I actually have the bike?

    I want a mutually beneficial negotiation. I just don't want to walk out of there paying full price and with no inclusions.
  7. It is not too late then. Take someone who is good in negotiating or anybody even just for support as you might be too emotionally affected. Use your head not your emontion when dealing with these people.
  8. ^^^ aside from geography & biology, you and I are on a very similar path undii!
  9. IME no point negotiating a deal unless you have the cash on you.
    I take the full amount they are asking. I stash 90% of it up my top tucked into my jeans in an envelope the rest in my wallet.

    I have my mind made up within minutes how much i will pay, you can only ask them for a better price, if there umming and arring you take out the cash. Many are swayed some are not.
    I have bought all my cars, bikes and boats that way. :grin:

    I woundn't negotiate a deal if i was getting a loan to pay for the bike either.
  10. The rumour was that they pre-sold the entire 1st year’s production. If this is true you are probably out of luck bargaining. If you walk away the dealer will simply call the next guy in line. The best you can hope for is get some discount on accessories. Or best wait a year until the hype is subsided a bit. I tried bargaining on the new triple last year. Similar to cejay my usual strategy is to offer to get the bike for rrp on the road. I was just laughed at.
  11. To get the best possible deal have the cash in hand and it does wonders.
  12. I suppose it really comes down to how much you want this bike! Let's face it, no-one needs half of the bikes we ride, but we all want one!
  13. Supply and demand.

    If demand is so great that each bike shipped is already sold you can't expect to be able to bargain too much.

    That's the price you pay to have something exclusive.

    With Jap bikes they sit in showrooms for twelve months and a new model comes along, that's the sort of situation you want for bargain hunting. You don't get the latest paint job but you do get a nice price.
  14. Crunch em hard. Only thing is you have given deposit, but thats not too much of a prob i guess. You will generally find they wont budge too much on the price of bike but be willing to throw in freebies or discounted offers. Tell them what you want, dont let them dictate the sale..
  15. You can try to crunch them, but only if you are prepared to walk away. If you are not, a good salesman will call your bluff and you will look like an idiot. It should be possible to get some discount on accessories, but it pays to research prices before talking to the dealer. Dealers are normally very good at giving you an impression that you are getting a heavy discount on accessories when in fact they are creaming you. I would bargain on accessories only if I was reasonably sure that I am getting close to wholesale prices.
  16. As everyone else said ,if there is a wait for the bike ,you might not get much thrown in.

    What i did ,was go to a bike shop that im NOT going to buy a bike off and pretend you want to buy a bike off them and see what you can get thrown in on the deal ,haggle and play the game ,they ask you all the same questions at every shop .

    I got about $300 off the bike ride away.
    Free ventura rack about $400 fitted.
    Free Tank pretector $40 fitted.
    Free Bike delivered to my house $80.
    I got about $1200 of full set up riding gear for $750.

    This might sound like alot ,but it's not ,FOR THEM ,for us it's a big saving.
    I should of got more off the bike ,but this dealer got better reviews then the other dealers ,so i was happy for pay the extra.

    You do ask you don't get .
  17. hey guys,

    i just bought a brand spanker, i managed to get them to drop the price by 800 dollars and throw in a bike cover and discount my first service,

    CASH does TALK thats what i say
    800 dollars might not seem much but my bike only cost 7599.00 ride away so i was pretty happy