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Brand new bike from interstate-NEEDS REGO(sa)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by BigSye, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. Just simply question, shipped my new bike from QLD, was sold un reg, am I able to fill out an application for registration or does it need to be checked over... also can the check if nessacery be done by a new bike dealer???

  2. Re: Brand new bike from interstate-NEEDS REGO

    Might help to say which state you wish register the bike in, as each state has different laws in regards to registration.

    Look here if you are in NSW.

  3. Re: Brand new bike from interstate-NEEDS REGO

    sorry mate.. in sa... thought as a brand new bike shouldve been able go straight to rta get rego.... but maybe needing vehicle id check to match vin n engine numbers to paper work... hopefully can pay a dealer to do it for me......
  4. Re: Brand new bike from interstate-NEEDS REGO

    rta in SA? if your in nsw u need a blue slip
  5. Re: Brand new bike from interstate-NEEDS REGO

    If it's a new bike does it at least have ADR compliance?
  6. Re: Brand new bike from interstate-NEEDS REGO

    2010 triumph, compliance sticker on the chasis which has approvl number vin etc, and vin and engine number match wats on my paper work.... but theres no compliance plate riveted to the frame, but the compliance aproval sticker has all the same details as the compliance plate...
  7. Re: Brand new bike from interstate-NEEDS REGO

    sorry mate, meant transport sa, motor reg whoever they are.... im just hopeing i can fill out the app for registering an unregistered vehicle and thats that...
  8. Re: Brand new bike from interstate-NEEDS REGO

    Ahh okay, thought you might have bought something unusual that can't be complianced.
    Seems strange that you'd buy from QLD rather than a local dealer. Was it that the QLD dealers were cheaper or something else? Don't need to know the details, just curious as to whether there is a big difference in new prices between the states.
  9. Re: Brand new bike from interstate-NEEDS REGO

    couple thous diff in price after shipping still.... ya think that any local new bike dealers could get the id check????
  10. Re: Brand new bike from interstate-NEEDS REGO

    Pick up the phone and ask mate ;).
  11. Re: Brand new bike from interstate-NEEDS REGO

    yep, called peter stevens before it came down, they said they do em, but only for their bikes.. figure i could pay someone for their time, just not sure if its nessacery or not.

    shouldv told them a ps i bought my other bike from em, mite have helpd. will have to wait till wed earliest to ring round ask a few dealers...
  12. Re: Brand new bike from interstate-NEEDS REGO

    After you wouldn't buy a bike off them?
  13. Re: Brand new bike from interstate-NEEDS REGO

    I'm pretty sure that, in Vic at least, if you had a brand new Australian complianced bike bought un reg'd from another state would simply require a visit the Vicroads with said vehicle for Vin, engine number, build date etc to be sighted . You would also need proof of purchase , your id as they require and the appropriate rego form filled out and ofcourse book the bike in to do all this .

    I can't see any reason why you could then not drive away with a registered bike after they skin your wallet for rego fees , booking fee and stampduty which is the killer one and depending on purchase price you may eat into that 2k purhcase saving pretty quick !

    This is my understanding of the Victorian system for a new registration of a new vehicle which is the same as a 2nd hand vehicle just no road worthy certificate is requiered .

    Any way good luck , hope stamp duty don't skin ya if it applies to your state .
  14. Re: Brand new bike from interstate-NEEDS REGO

    Cheers for the replies....
  15. I reckon its the same as registering an unregistered vehicle. Things are pretty lax here in SA. No inspections or anything. If I was you, i'd go into ServiceSA centre and ask. Tell them the storey, that its a new bike from another state, what do you have to do to register it?

    My bet is, you'll fill out one form and be on your way after paying the registration, stamp duty and CTP ;) :D (which may cost you the better part of a grand, maybe more, so go armed :D )
  16. THe bike will most likely need an inspection for the numbers plus your proof of ownership, ie: receipts and such.
    I did the same thing and bought a Honda from Qld and could not find my purchase docs straight away. But eventually got copies and had no problems. Still needed an inspection though. Blood Regency Park. Gave me the shits.
  17. My storm came from NSW 6 years ago. You go to the rego office, they will sell you a permit to move, you put the details on it, it cost me $14 back then. You also put the destination and what roads you will take on it, it's basically a day pass.

    They will make you take it to regency, Mine was a 2000 model, all they looked at was that the numbers matched the plates, and checked it wasn't stolen or anything. The guy working there at the time was a rider, so the whole thing went pretty smooth.

    The inspection was about $60 from memory, and once it's done, you can go around the corner to the office and bet your plates and pay your rego.

    So yeah, the permit from any rego office if you want to ride it down. Also, the inspection place was by appointment only at the time, so give em a ring first and check it out in advance.