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Brand new battery - bike still won't start? Any ideas?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by moog, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. I've got a 2007 model DRZ400SM. The original battery that I bought the bike with was a couple of years old and wasn't holding charge because I mainly do short trips and it was getting to the point that I had to jump start it off a car a couple of times. (The guy that I bought it from had it on a trickle charger)

    So I bought a brand new battery from Bike Biz and they couriered it over. Got it charged, installed it, rode it once then a week later went to ride again and bike was completely dead. Not even a glimmer of light on the speedo.

    So I bought a charger (an automatic Battery Fighter charger/trickle style) of my own and it will not charge the battery at all. the ERROR light keeps blinking at me the rude bastard.

    Thought the charger must have been rooted so went and bought ANOTHER one of a different brand because I'm so pinging for a ride.

    And this charger doesn't even turn on when it's connected to the battery.

    I called my mate Marty who came over and stuck his multimeter on the battery terminals an it showed 2.7volts instead of 12 or 13. In his words "Your battery is f*cked". Even though its brand new?!

    So from a fully charged battery - how long can you go without riding to still start OK? Marty was in America for a month then his FZ6 started straight away. Yet after 1 week my bike is flat as.

    And what are my chances of getting battery replaced by Bike Biz?
  2. Sounds like it is a fcuked battery. Take it back, and get it replaced.
    If it repeats itself, time to take her to an auto-sparky.

    Or, just get a WRX bonnet scoop for it :)
  3. .......... and blue flouros ...................

    get the battery replaced, get the bike started and then check the voltage being fed INTO the battery; I'd hazard a guess that you rectifier is shot and instead of feeding too LITTLE charge, is feedin too much and frying the battery.
  4. If it's a battery that you need to put the acid into yourself, take your time. I had issues with one I did ages ago and had it drop a cell.

    Fill with acid (perhaps use thumb tack to assist flow). Let sit for an hour. Put caps on evenly and tightly, then let sit for an hour. Then it should be right for use.
  5. Iv'e had this once before, when we first bought the Misses Hornet 600. Battery was just replaced si I figured it must be fine. Turned out to be a dead cell, replaced under warranty
  6. Battery Fighter chargers will not charge a flat battery - it's to do with the way they condition whatever they charge and they need a reasonable voltage to begin with.

    More important is what the bike may be up to.

    If you have a problem with the charging circuit on the bike you bank on it killing every battery you put in it. You can have little or no charge, or you can have overcharge which boils the battery.

    The other thing you might find is that there is a low current "leak" when the bike is parked. The longer the elapsed time, the greater the drain.
  7. You can trick the battery charger, by hooking up another battery to the charger along with the dead battery, leaving it for five, and then taking the extra battery off.
  8. That would explain why there are no battery chargers in politics yet...
  9. edit..........
  10. Seems like the battery was fine when you bought it, I'd would agree with Hornet, you've got a further electrical problem that is killing batteries. Too much voltage in or not charging.
  11. i leave my bikes sitting around for weeks (and the little alarm LED flashing every 15 seconds) and its fine......
  12. Well you're probably shortening the life of your battery without knowing it, but otherwise its fine...
  13. Thanks for the replies guys. I've got a new battery coming over today so I'll put it in then check out with a multimetre whats happening.

    It's quite sad that my battery for my bike cost more than the stock Ford Laser that we bought before it became TuRDLoZR
  14. My tinted visor costs more then that car
  15. Hope you didn't actually buy it? It would be better to take the bike to an auto-electrician and get an opinion I would think...
  16. Yeah I bought the car. But battery is getting replaced by Bikebiz no charge.
  17. thanks for the heads up. went for a ride last night to keep it juiced
  18. I've seen a service bulletin for late '90s T5 Triumphs that admitted they sometimes suffered from this. It was believed that the insulation material used in the Thai-sourced wiring loom was inadequate, and the whole loom was quietly replaced under warranty on affected bikes (but no recall).
    Hopefully that won't be your problem. If the owner had to buy the loom from Triumph it was $3.5K!
  19. Wow - my bike only cost $7K so I hope thats not the problem :)