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BRAND NEW Arai RXQ Oriental Helmet Size Small

Discussion in 'Archived' started by torque, Apr 19, 2011.

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  1. I have for sale a BRAND NEW Arai RXQ Oriental Helmet (Size SMALL) with the Australian Standard sticker (Required in Australia for any helmet used on the road)

    The Oriental is an AWESOME Japanese art design graphic that really stands out from the crowd. Amazing design!

    The RRP on this helmet is $799. Have receipts to show.

    MCA: http://www.mcas.com.au/_product.php?section=1&prodid=10601

    Have a look around and you will see that these helmets don't go for cheap!

    I'm asking $550 BRAND NEW.

    Reason for sale is that i sold the bike, never had the chance to use it. I have all receipts to show the purchase price of this helmet from bikebiz in Parramatta, NSW.

    As said, this is BRAND NEW, not a single scratch/mark on it.

    Currently on eBay:

  2. tis very pretty
  3. nice could be agood idea for some of your helemts takamii
  4. ive got the sameshape diferent grafix three weeks ago one of the cheeks that hold the visor on broke $ 50 for a set you cant by 1 .sunday i go too stic helmet on half way on ride the vent on the front is gone there replacing it free but only in black not the grafix too match .the shop recon they have never had any probs like this before i dont know realy its comfortable +doesnt push my glasses up but i might look elswere next time
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.