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Brand names causing confusion

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Seany, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. I replied with...

    It's an intersting point because....

    I wasn't using any turtle cleaning products.

    As I was polishing the tank she said "what's that?"
    I said "Turtle wax." I said it because it's such a common name for auto wax that most people use it as a generic term.

    Funny bit is.....I was actually using Kitten polish. :LOL:

    Question is.... are there anymore of these commonly used brand names that I should be aware of being coined as generic terms?

    Note: I'm not making fun of you Carri. :)
    Another note: Jeeze that ZZR looks sexy when it's clean.
  2. Im still really out of it from a big night... so thats got me super confused. You polish your kittens?
    do you mean terms like duct tape and scotch tape? although most people just call it sticky tape now :(
  3. I always call cling wrap "Glad Wrap" and Asprin "Panadol" no matter what the brand is
  4. Yeah you don't really hear anybody asking for 'paracetamol'.

    What about giving a room a quick 'hoover'. Or, mostly before our time you had to xerox something, not photocopy it (this comes from the time where Xerox made the only photocopiers).

    There was a New Zealand forum which received a letter from some tape manufacturer's lawyer because they kept referring to sticky tape as sellotape. The company's beef was that they were not referring to it as Sellotapeā„¢ everytime they said it.
  5. Coke! You never ask for a 'cola flavoured soft drink' at the pub do you, regardless of the brand used.
  6. Two I can think of is;
    Stanley knife, when Stanley is a brand.

    and when you waterproof a piece of material, you Scotch Guard it.... and once aga in Scotch guard is a brand.
  7. and although I haven't seen any for years, I regularly refer to sticky tape as 'Durex'. Unfortunately, in the UK that brand name is used for condoms.
    see also:
    as brands that have become generics.
    I have met more than one who thought 'Harley' was a generic term for motorcycle.
  8. *slap*
  9. There's been more than a few legal issues with people using the names "Walkman" and/or "Discman" to describe portable audio products - both Sony trademarks.
  10. Most be the same ones that have walked past my Guzzi...
    ..."nice Harley..." :roll: :LOL:
  11. Ipod......

    I'm really quite sick of people using the word Ipod instead of MP3 player. It has become so much of a fashion accessory you need an Ipod, It's just not cool enough to have an Iriver that can do more.

    MP3 Player.....

    I used it above but you should be saying portable music player because they don't just play mp3s. Expecially the Irivers that play ogg etc...
    The same actually goes for software media players. People ask what mp3 player i use all the time. I use a media player. MP3 isn't the only farking format in existance people.
  12. "Liquid paper" for any "white-out"

    "deathmatch" (was originally in Doom, but now it appears a generic term for any multiplayer "free-for-all"

    "Choc-wedge" for any brand of chocolate coated icecream
  13. Band aid, even if i want to fabric elastaplast ones.
    Everything is a bandaid if it does the same job as the original band aid in my eyes. lol

    But strange enough, i don't buy band aids.
  14. Oggy knobs= frame sliders
  15. "Thermos" for vacuum flask.

    "Esky" for any kind of car fridge or cooler. The Esky was a Malleys product, but is now defunct. Excellent product made by the manufacturers of fridges.

    Nothing today, other than the $800 brands come even close to keeping stuff cold for long periods.

    Then there was the issue when a generic term became a trademark - Ugg Boots.

    Or, if you ask for butter on your coffee scroll or pancakes/hotcakes, you invariably get margarine, as they tend to treat the two totally different products as the one, and go for the cheaper one...

    In SA, you can't call peanut butter, peanut butter, due to the dairy corp over there cracking the irrits. It's peanut spread. Same for lemon butter, if that product is still around.

    Ah, the power of marketing, eh?
  16. I can understand the Glad wrap one.. I do that all the time :D

    I say to patients at work do you want some "Panadol" to offer them Paracetamol.. but the oldies say to me "Oh no, I take Panamax" which IS Paracetamol..go figure the generation gap!
    Dont tend to interchange Asprin/Panadol as they are not related.... If I gave a patient having a heart attack Panadol instead of Asprin I would have my butt kicked to kingdom come as Asprin is the only one that has anticoagulant capabilities helping the poor guys heart attack :shock: :grin:
  17. Haha, so says the Victorian :roll:

    Here's my jar of 'Foodland' (a South Australian brand) Peanut Butter, and an Adelaide newspaper.
    Ooh, should I be looking out for the Peanut Butter police :shock:
  18. Well is it true that all TV broadcasts stop at 8:30 and that dreadlocks are illegal? :? :LOL:
  19. I'll get my surfie mates round and take a photo of them next to the TV at 8:31 for ya :wink: :LOL:
  20. Don't forget to make sure we can see a clock in the background. :LOL: