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Brand name vs no name Exhaust

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by out_of_order, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. Hi.

    I'm thinking about purchasing just a slip on exhaust (muffler) for my 01 r6. I've been looking around and there seems to be a general consensis that people like to use Yoshimura. I've found the RS3 to be very popular. I understand that the old saying "you get what you pay for" but in terms of just a slip on muffler should i opt for an expensive name brand one or go for a cheaper alternative yet still have the agressive sound. I never knew just buying a slip on muffler can be so expensive.

    What do you guys recon?

  2. Each and every pipe will have a different sound to it; so it's not so much just saying you want an 'aggressive' sound. The best thing to do is chase around every bike you see thats the same model as yours with an aftermarket pipe and ask very kindly if they can start it up so you can hear it run. When you find one you like the sound of - go buy it!
    Yes, brandname pipes are quite expensive and you can go for something cheaper or locally made which might save you a few dollars, but if your after a specific sound then your best off going with the slightly more expensive option but getting exactly what you want.

    The Yoshi's definitely make a nice sound on the R6/R1's so look at the RS3 and the TRS. Aside from that Arata make some impressive stuff. If your after a harsher noise then look at the Akra's or something local like a Staintune.
  3. Yoshi is the brand choice i would say. But as i was almost ready to buy one i found that Megacycle did a replica of the stock pipe obviosly with different internals. I am wrapped with it, not too loud, looks great and half the price of the yoshi. And as my dyno runs proved against a few other 12's with same mods, the can held its own.. :grin:
  4. I can't remember what sort of bike these were tested on, I think it was some sort of 600, but in any case, here's an extensive list to hear the difference in sound on the same bike:


    I've always liked the Microns, they seem to have a more grunty louder sort of sound. Was meaning to try one on my next bike but ended up with another Yoshi (TRS).
  5. Oh, (may as well slip this in while we're on the subject!) I've got a Hindle here which has hardly been used that was on my FZ1 that you can have cheap if you're interested. It's got a lead pipe with it but prolly won't fit, but you could prolly get one made up cheap by Megacycle or somewhere like that.
  6. heres the two main differences
    if you buy a cheap one everyone will think your a tightass who cant ride.
    if you buy an expensive one everyone will think god dang this guy can ride look at his awesome muffler i want to sleep with him right now.
    ....................perception my friend, perception.
  7. Fairly good observation my friend.. :wink:

  8. hahahaha

    He's soooo haawt right now. Just look at that biiiig shinny muffler. :biker: :bannanabutt:

    I really don't know about this. I think i only want the sound, since i'm pretty happy and don't think i need more power from the bike.
  9. Yeah well my muffler looks the goods, sounds sweet and only cost me $495. Now compare that to a $900 yoshi which doesnt look nowhere nere as good imho.
  10. I have been doing a bit of research into slip-on mufflers for the '06 model, there is heaps of alternatives out there at reasonable prices, also there is some that will cost a bomb as well.

    Have a Blackbird, purchased micron's without the badges on them, had to wait about 6 weeks + but the moral to this is, if they sound good I don't really think it matters unless you are trying to get extra HP, then that maybe different.
  11. In slip ons, you're only paying for material quality and the brand. There are cheap-cheaps, and there are quality systems that have anonymous names.

    A full system is a different issue because the bends etc are difficult, but a slip-on has NO technology in it.... but it is where a company like Yoshimura can recoup their costs by charging a premium for the thousands sold each year (as opposed to the very few, say, sets of titanium valves they will sell). A brand name slip on is like a Calvin Klein T-shirt.
  12. Does anyone have any experience with those Blue Flame mufflers?
  13. Or buy a very very expensive brand name pipe from over seas that on one has heard of.... buy it second hand, cheep on ebay.. that way if any one does recognise it they think you have good taste... and every one else will be asking you WTF??

    In other words do your reasearch... you will be suprised what you can find out there...
  14. Yeah - in my experience they're bloody expensive and I couldn't justify the cost! :p

    They do look cool, however.