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Brand comparison with facts

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by GoTeam, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. I'll be searching for new gear very soon. I started with a Dainese jacket with a RRP of $799 (but got it on runout for about $560). I was saving for leather riding pants. The two Dainese options had RRP of $650 (no knee sliders) and $700 (knee sliders and stretch panel in groin). I know Dainese is a safe bet for getting something reasonable or good. I also know there's heaps of other brands out there.

    EDIT: I'll get the same brand jacket and pants. It seems I confused slickncghia and F-L with what I wrote. Sorry for the confusion. I'm asking about the different brands (of pants + jacket), not trying to mix and match two separate brands.

    My question is, should I look at / consider / buy another brand? If so, is there any technical data backing up that it is better value for money? What I'm most interested in is how Shift, Ixon and Joe Rocket (any others that aren't in the bottom end of the price range?) stack up in comparison. Any thoughts, comments, (but most especially) facts would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I cant recommend strech kevlar in the groin enough. Its so much more comfortable.
  3. if you are looking at something that will zip in to the jacket, i believe that different brands have different zip designs and might not go together .

    i found this out when i was looking for pants to fit to my a* jacket. the cheaper pants didnt connect up.... im still pantless atm
  4. That would be my thought…
    So by starting Dainese I think it makes sense to stick with em.
    And how do I get the image of slickncghia with no pants out of my mind AARRRRGGHHH
  5. Oops, I didn't get my message across very well. I'm not looking to mix different brands of jackets and pants. I'll have the same brand for both. I'm seeking advice/opinions/facts about the different brands (e.g. A* and Dainese seem similar to me v the others). I'm wondering how a Joe Rocket jacket + pants (for a similar price) compares to Dainese, A*, Ixon, Icon and whatever else is out there that isn't on the bottom of the pricing scale. Is it worthwhile looking at some other brand or should I stick to what I originally have/had (Dainese) because there's hardly any price difference for the equivalent gear in another brand?
  6. GT, you know I gave you a wrap on the 'Laro Pants in a previous thread, I cant go passed them mate,...... to be honest I looked at Rift, RJays Shift & AGV for a decent set and the quality of the Laro' in my opinion beats them hands down..

    In the pant you get shin armour, knee armour, sliders and a leather patch if you want to remove the slider to make it look a bit more tourer style on occasion..........they have kevlar panels in the crotch and behind the leg(which I determined to be better than other brands)......in addition to the stretch panels at knee and waist. They seem to fit better, as in no 'baggy' arse in them and if you decide to go with their 'Stun' jacket you have a zip together combo with a very sturdy all-way-round zipper.

    JMO, I luv 'em..... :cool: