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Brammo's badass new electric streetfigher: the Empulse

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. Looks great, 160km/h top speed and 160km tank range, and at a pretty sensible price. I like it.
  2. I recently watched the IOM electric TT and what stood out was how boring watching bikes is without a decent soundtrack. It's also the reason I find the 125s irritating.

    But it's kinda funny watching the electrics because if the commentators run out of things to say all you end up with is 'crickets'.

    That's also the same reason I want one, a 200+k/ph stealth bike would come in very handy.

    You sir will be a motorcycling god.

  3. i like it, it's ok i guess... but i'd really like to pimp out the bubble bike (top left of linky) with a serious sound system and a glitter ball.
  4. That's pretty damn awesome.

    I'm still spamming Zero Motorcycles' mailboxes with requests that they bring the Zero S electric supermoto bike to Australia. >.>
  5. would make a great commuter...... but not for me cause I cant even remember to charge my mobile phone.

  6. Before you get too excited, just remember advertised range of 160km translates to about 50 on the street. Still, I admit it looks pretty good and it would be fun for the commute to work. If they price it on par with your average 125cc scooter which will do the same job, I'll get excited.
  7. Bram and the bike is gone. :D

    Actually, electric vehicles tend to fairly close to the advertised range. Remember when you are stopped in traffic, the motor is stopped, so it's not like a petrol bike that sits there burning.
  8. There is something very important missing...
    How well does it wheelie?
  9. yup geeth, if your gunna be a hoon, at least you can be a green hoon

  10. No, they don't because advertised ranges are calculated in conditions that have nothing to do with real life. Fifth gear recently took iMiev for a spin - it also has advertised range of 160km but they were running flat at less than half of that.
  11. Having spoken to the guy who makes them, 160km is actually a realistic average range. If you keep the throttle to the stop all day, you'll get more like 120km, if you're more conservative you'll get 200km, but 160km is the average range under normal riding conditions.
  12. Did he comment on what the performance and range would be after 3-5 years of use?
  13. I didn't think to ask... Lithium batteries are generally pretty good over 5-10 years, if they're kept charged each day.
  14. I would imagine that, like the Prius, range in stop-start-stop-start urban traffic would be better than the range of the bike when cruising on the freeway.

    You'll never recover the energy lost to aerodynamic drag, and at 110kph that's consumed at a rate of about 7-8 kilowatts (very approximately). At 60kph aerodynamic drag accounts for 2/10ths of nothing, and in stop-start traffic you can at least recover a big chunk of the bike's kinetic energy using regenerative braking. I forget how efficient the regen usually is... 70-80%?
  15. You mean, if you keep the throttle to the stop all of 30 minutes - the rest of the day you'll spend at rest, waiting for the batteries to recharge. Assuming of course that in those 30 minutes you reached a spot where recharge is available...
  16. Nice, but needs more 'bwaaaaaaarp!'. Maybe they could put a fake pipe on it with a speaker inside :D
  17. I don't know how efficient it is, but in truth it hardly matters anyway. I remember on the Vectrix they estimated regenerative braking would extend the range by a tiny couple of percent which, as it was not exactly impressive to begin with, meant you'd get an extra kilometer or two. Wow!
  18. it looks bloody good. All it needs is an option to place a small petrol motor and recharge unit in it somewhere that you can use while your having a pie!

    "Mate your bike is smoking"...
    "I keep telling it that it's bad for its health, but it just ignores me"
  19. excuse my ignorance but why is that they can't run a alternator off one of the rim to produce charge during motion?