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braking (what i learnt from pre-learners)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by toisanact, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    I just completed my pre-learner last night and did my L's (and passed) this morning :)

    The steps of braking I was taught last night was:

    1) Set up to prepare for the hazard (cover front brake, so the light is on but very slightly)

    Hazard is real:

    2) so hold clutch all the way down
    3) now push rear brake AND front braketo come to a smooth but quick stop
    4) at the same time, tap tap tap tap tap down to bring it down to gear 1

    p.s. I'm totally newb with bikes.

    Is this how you all brake?
  2. Re: breaking (what i learnt from pre-learners)

    First thing you should have learn't is it's spelt brake.... :p
  3. Re: breaking (what i learnt from pre-learners)

    Yes breaking will not help as then it's broken
    BRAKING on the other hand is much more useful.

    Oh and Joe, learnt
  4. Re: breaking (what i learnt from pre-learners)

    One thing that list is missing is:
    "Look for an escape route"
    In some situations releasing the brake and swerving around the obstacle is far more effective than trying to stop in a straight line (best if accompanied by a blast of the horn and a one-fingered salute or well-aimed kick). You just have to remember not to fixate on the obstacle.
  5. Re: breaking (what i learnt from pre-learners)

    nope, i just *tap tap tap tap tap* drop the clutch, locking the rear, then slide on in.
    if the lights change green, whilst i'm still sliding, i just give it full revs, blip the clutch and power wheelie it out of there.

    but i guess your way is ok too.
  6. Sorry tois, but it was breaking my balls so I had to fix your breaks.

    By the way, what you're describing is ebraking. That sounds like the stay upright method. HART have a different method. Practice one OFTEN and stick to it.
  7. Just remember the steps you've described are for an Emergency Brake. Don't do that everytime you just want to slow down ;)
  8. So you're saying for a normal braking situation we shouldn't
    A) use the clutch
    8) use the rear brake or,
    C) downshift to 1st

    Think I must be doing it wrong then, I still do all three :p
  9. on a scooter you can just use your feet.
  10. What's the other e brake method?
  11. flintstones.

  12. Yes, that's what I'm saying. Say you're coming up to a queue of cars stopped at a red light, you don't hold the clutch in and go all the way down to 1 in a single go whilst using the brake. You go down through the gears one at a time and use the engine braking to help you out.
  13. I once heard that HART doesn't do the downshifting and clutch. They prefer you stall it. Not sure how accurate that is...just what I heard.
  14. Ah, I see what you mean now. Certainly agree there. :)
  15. They advise to pull the clutch in right at the last moment to AVOID a stall. They prefer not to tap tap tap so that you're focused on the braking.
  16. Re: breaking (what i learnt from pre-learners)

    Hehe, I'm just as guilty of similar in past, particularly when typing on my laptop's crappy keyboard.............

    Just all that breaking in the op gave me visions of his bike in pieces.....
    And that makes me sad...... :( ....... :p
  17. I would also say in a real emergency, don't complicate the situation with clutch and gears. If it stalls then it stalls - that isn't the end of the world.

    In practising your emergency stop - by all means hold the clutch in and tap down through the gears. All that matters in a real emergency is that you don't get hurt.

    Practice of more normal firm braking is also a good idea. Try using a bit more than half front and a bit less than half rear, and going down through the gears while you're doing it. As in, clutch in, change, clutch out ... clutch in, change, clutch out ... while stopping pretty firmly.
  18. it dose'nt matter if you stall it.
    all you gotta do is push a button to fire it again.
    it is however important to learn how to do that, be proficient in quickly re-starting your bike, because noobs do stall, at the lights, wherever, just not quite used to the clutch yet. hence, the HART method (among other reasons)

    how you are taught is relevent to what level of training you are getting.
  19. i think everyone is a little different, but as already mentioned pick one and stick with it. personally:

    emergency brake, I grab front and rear brakes firmly, full hand on lever, but not so hard as to skid, its a feel thing. I leave clutch out and if it stalls, so be it..

    normal or braking for corner, 2 fingers over brake lever, medium front and rear brake, and gear down 1 at a time, blipping the gas on the down change
  20. So to all those experienced riders out there... what's the "correct" way to eventually start practising once you have built a solid foundation of the basics and have a decent amount of accumulated kms riding practise?