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braking problem

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by doodlebug, May 7, 2008.

  1. hi guys, i have abit of a braking issue, basically my front brake used to have a good feel to it, you couldnt pull the lever very far back. But after abit of use its lost all feeling, itll pull back a long way now, so far my 3rd finger gets trapped between the lever and the twist grip, its really hindering my braking! just wondered if you guys have any idea on why its doing this??

    oh yeh, ive bled them out, so no air in there!

  2. Three things to check:

    1. Old pads or very worn discs - At the end of thier life they can sometimes rattle the pads back into the calipers a little thus needing extra lever travel before they bite.

    2. Soft brake lines - If this problem occurs after some hard braking such as a long downhill run or at a trackday it could be that the brake lines are expanding (getting soft) when the fluid gets hot. Braided lines will fix this and I would recommend them for any sports bike older than 5 years anyway.

    3. Dodgy adjuster on the brake lever - I have seen this twice now and it's a bit scary. The spring washer on the underside of the brake lever adjuster gets loose as the crimps holding it in place let go. The result is that the adjuster will move as it vibrates while you are riding, and all of a sudden the lever comes into the bar, it might then vibrate to another setting and feel better next time.

    Check the lever and brake pad/disc wear first, then worry about brake lines.

    Good luck
  3. how old is the bike? (and what is it?)

    check for disc warp.
  4. There are several things i would check mate.

    1: Brake pads/Brake rotor
    2: Caliper seals because when they start to get old, they dont keep the same pressure as they used, and it makes really sloppy braking.
    3: Master cylinder, check the plunger in the cylinder over, it may also be getting old and it may react the same was as seals.
    4: Check the brake lines as previously stated, you may need braided lines to keep the pressure up.

    Good luck with it mate, ive had so mnay brake issues on my bike (all fixed now) so I'd like to think ive learnt a little bit.

  5. +1 to all the above.
    I had a similar problem a while ago. A braided line solved it !
  6. i fitted braided lines afew weeks ago, it was absolutely fine until recently, where its gone to shit! ill have a check on the pads/rotors in a bit,

    I have just been out on her and managed to bodge it, ive shimmed out the master cylinder plunger to the lever, its solved the problem, but obviously its a bodge, i dont like bodges!

    its a 1994 zxr400sp by the way!
  7. edit, nm, see that you've fixed it temporarily so it can't be what i thought it could be...

    Is the fluid up to the required level? Connectors ok on all the lines? Not leaking any fluid?
  8. Put a kit through the master cylinder and get a new lever. The kits usually have the entire plunger in them.
  9. If you don't know what you are doing with brakes, don't mess with them. See an expert now. Brakes only slow you down.
  10. agreed.

    braided lines, cylinder brace, good pads and decent rotors with good fluid. when it comes to brakes that is one area i dont mind spending a bit extra
  11. i have a pretty good knowledge, of car brakes. lol bike brakes are completely different, nothing i cant figure out! anyway ive found a H2 ZXR750 m/c and calipers on eBay, dont suppose you guys know if H model 750 stuff will fit an L model 400?