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Braking Issues - Virago XV250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by DUK35, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. Hey guys! it's almost the new year! woohooo!!!

    anyways - was doing my after work cruise last night (geez feels great to cruise after a stressful day at work..) and at high speeds - around 60-70km/h when I do my brakes a little harder than usual it feels like my bike is wobbling... or maybe like the front wheel is wobbling and slightly trembling. that's during a hard braking, well not too hard... is this a sign i need new brakes??? or a replacement of the whole thing?

    oh and last night i filled my tank for the first time.... 4 bucks!!! my god!!! that's cheaper than a Kid's meal at Macca's!!!! anyways, my question is, how much fuel is considered too much in this tank???
    (I put in unleaded 95 Shell and it feels like my engine rumbles more - the past owner has only used 98 throughout the whole 3 years and it feels like my 95 made it run more ... hmmmm..... better? maybe? more rumble more rev's to rev up in my gears???)

    thanks!!! happy holidays!!!
  2. Does it pulse or vibrate thru the brake lever?
    The disc rotor could have a little warp in it, also check your steering head bearings and wheel bearings by getting the bike safely upright and the front wheel off the ground a coupla cms. Spin the wheel and look down or alongside it. Does it spin smoothly, look like it's moving or 'shaking'? While you're at it, try and rock the wheel from side to side - does it move (wheel bearings may be shot)? How much pad do you still have on the brake pads? Grip the wheel and try and move it forwards/backwards - if the entire front end moves, steering head bearings may be gone or need a tighten.
    Mebbe it's none of these - even so, to check won't cost you any $ and will only take a few minutes, you may even catch an unrelated issue b4 it becomes costly.

    Petrol? When it spills out, it's full :LOL: I think they hold about 9-10 litres. Not much! Personally I like to fill up until the fill level is about a cm from the filler. You shouldn't need a high-performance petrol, use whatever the manufacturer recommends, normal unleaded should be fine but if you want to use a whiz-bang one then up to you :)
  3. thanks mate - yeah I suspect that it might be that aswell... hope not.

    I guess it vibrates more that it pulses, kinda like the feeling off pressing on the gas to hard on a car on a rainy day and the tires are having trouble gripping - you know what I'm talking about? that kinda vibration...

    if it is the bearings how much at we looking for the damage?
  4. Dunno - call your friendly dealer :)
  5. I dunno about that brake issue, but virago's are designed for lower octane.
    I was using 98 because that's what the previous owner recomended, but after talking to a mechanic I tried some 91.
    I found that the 91 produced far more power, but pre-ignited sometimes.
    So now I use 95 which is producing more power than the 98 without the pre-ignition problems. :)