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braking in the wet, issues*

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by n2o_spark, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. just a general question to those who do more wet weather riding than myself.

    I've found of late that when it's raining, my brakes don't seem to work very well at first.. it's almost as if water on the rotors stops the pads from making proper contact.

    So my current solution has been to brake gently before i know i need to slow down. This seems to 'dry' the rotors, which then allows me to brake at normal stopping power...

    is this a normal thing? perhaps i should get new rotors and pads despite my pads having quite a bit of pad left on them?

  2. Does your bike have solid disc rotors, or ones with holes?
  3. All normal.
    Give yourself at least 30% more braking distance in the wet. And stay away from the painted bits.
    Also not a bad idea to give yourself more time and space from the noddy cager in front in the wet.
  4. a thin film of water builds up between the pad and the disc in the wet. every now and then you should gently squeeze the brakes to re-establish contact between the pad and the disc, and, of course, plan your braking for intersections, corners, etc, to take into account that there is a split-second 'lag' between when you brake and the pads actually contacting the disc

    the rear brake is also your good friend in the wet, keep a gentle pressure on the pedal and it will always be ready (but don't jump on it mightily, when you need to stop, of course).
  5. I found practicing makes it a lot easier.

    Even on my current bike with ABS I still like to practice it so that I have the best control and braking method ingrained. Set up and squeeze properly rather than just jumping on them, even though I can if I really want. Ideally I never want to feel the ABS activate, unless I intend to (i.e. seeing what it feels like).

    In the wet, definitely some light trailing though from time to time.
  6. Yeah, as the others have said, it's normal. Depending on how much it's raining, how often you're using the brakes, etc, you might find the brakes work as effectively or less effectively than when they're 100% dry.

    Being aware of the effect and compensating accordingly (as you've learned to) is pretty much all that can be done.
  7. cheers for the replies, they are drilled rotors.
    I thought as much about it being normal, but just wanted to confirm, i don't brake very often so there is plenty of time for water to build up on the rotors, and i've even noticed that when i stop and get off i can see water just run off them >_<
  8. Great question! shows just how different motorbikes are to cars, the stuff we have to think about and do is mind boggling compared to sitting there with a heater, cd player and ashtray.
  9. Don't know about you, but I have fairly similar experiences in a car with braking... Go through big puddles etc, have to check they are working - often take a while to cut in.
  10. If you ever go through a flooded water way, cars or bikes your brakes wont work,
    You need to just lightly apply them till they heat up and disperse the water,

    In Mt Isa, I came through a causeway that was flooded, The copper on the other side put his hand up for me to stop. If he hadnt of moved out of my way, I would have run over him,
    I had no brakes,
    He didnt like it when I got up him about standing in front of cars coming through flooded waters,
    He didnt have a clue about it, No brakes in water,
    No, I didnt get booked,