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Braking 70-30% or 30-70%?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Eli-loca, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. My understanding is that riders should use 70% front break and 30% rear break. In practice I find I do the opposite; I use the rear break most of the time (when turning, slowing down) and ocassionally the front break (only when coming to full stop). So, the question is, when do you guys use which break? Am I overusing my rear break? If so, what may be the consequences?
    Thanks in advance for any input you can share!

  2. I use the front brake to slow down, then rear to stop. Rear brake only during slow riding and while at red lights, stop signs etc... Sometimes drag the rear through turns if I go in a little too hot, as it does not stand the bike up and make me run wide.
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  3. I try not to break anything on my bike
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  4. BRAKE
    There are lots of threads and good helpful info on braking, make the search function your friend, it's very useful.
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  5. I once braked my collarbone, it turned out to be a 70-30 split.
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  6. Every 2 hours or so.
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  7. Whatever brake/combination is appropriate at the time depending on many things. Percentages are over intellectualizing it.
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  8. Depends what bike you have. Anything sporty and the rear is sort of useless except for slow speed stuff.
  9. Thanx for your responses and links to resources!
    that's what I find
    So....since I ride a mini cruiser it seems what I'm doing is not too bad considering I got to remember using the clutch so the rear break doesn't lock?
  10. In an emergency you do whatever you are used to doing. So its good to have using the front as automatic. It does stop quicker.
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  11. I braked once, took me ages to get where i was going
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