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brakes on a yamaha zeal FZX250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Valen, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. My missus has an imported zeal.
    anyway its been sitting idle for the past few months and she was just starting to get back into riding it.
    She complained that it was too hard to roll like when coming to a stop it wouldn't roll up to the stop it was like she had the brakes on.
    So I had a look and sure enough the brakes were dragging

    Pulled it all to bits and the brake fluid was the colour of rust and smelt like puke... charming :nopity:, pistons were/are covered in caked on crap as well.
    Put air from the compressor into the calipers and the pistons didn't even budge, I had to pump them out with the handle.

    Anyway as I was in the neighbourhood of the brakes I asked excite motorcycles in penrith and they want $75 for a seal kit. I'm a car guy myself and for my falcon a seal kit is ~$12 from supercheap, and they are 4x the size.

    Am I missing something/ getting ripped or are these bits just really really expensive?
  2. It's not uncommon for bike parts to be 4 times the price of the car equivalent. Kawasaki's have also earned a bad rep in this department in recent years. Is Excite a Yamaha dealer?

    I think they released the Zeal here so they should be able to get them for you.

    Alternatively, the interweb is your friend.
  3. Wound up getting the original parts from yamaha here.
    $116 for the seals and new pistons, $75 for the seals alone.
    came with some assembly grease, and it all slid together really easily.

    Got her a braided stainless brake line as well and she seems to like it, I just need to make up some new rubber mounts, as the braided line is smaller.

    The interweb failed me looking for replacement parts for the front brake, but looks like there are some bits for the back brake, and they seem pretty screwed, so I might do them too. Got some new pads for em, but one of the little bolt pin things is stuck, so I'll need to get the big multigrips out on them.