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Brakes not gripping as hard

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by TCShadow, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. I've started using my front brake a lot more and a lot harder than I used to a while back when i started riding those very long 4 months ago and i'm finding that the brakes don't seem to grab as much any more nor stop me quite as quick as they used to... Infact I'm almost feeling as if my front brake is only about as effective as my back brake.

    Having said that i've locked up the front on 2 different occasions recently. One was a slippery road, the other was an E-Brake when a car jumped lanes on me in traffic without indicating. Back stepped out but I managed to come off the brake and straighten up fairly OK... Not once did I panic which I was very happy about. Everything was cool calm and collected.

    Anyways... My brake lever has a lot more play in it now which I expect comes from using the brake more since the bike was practically new when i got it... but it almost feels like the cable is stretching if I pull the brakes on hard enough rather than the bike stopping faster. Is there actually a cable or is it hydrolic? This is a GPX250 btw.

    I just don't feel like the bike brakes as hard as it used to and I don't know if it's because I'm getting used to the G-forces or if it's losing braking power.
  2. You need to bleed your brakes. Google away!
  3. While bleeding them you may as well just keep going and change the fluid completely, I do mine every 12 months or so :)
  4. I have never been impressed with the front brake on the KLE. I honestly believe I could get better braking from an old TLS drum brake 30 years ago.

    A friend gave me two tips which have remarkably improved the my brakes.

    1. open the bleed nipple when you spread the calipers. The amount of foreign matter in the bottom of the lines is amazing. You can't get rid of this by simply bleeding, the fluid comes down from the top when you bleed your brakes. It is pushed up from the bottom when you spread the calipers.

    2. Change your fluid when you change your brakes. You should only fluid from a sealed container anyway so it is no use keeping it.

    I went through this two weeks back, the difference is amazing when compared to the usual process I followed when changing pads.